Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to Glade Hill Early Years Foundation Stage


Our Philosophy

In the Foundation Stage children learn best through play based activities and first hand experiences.

We believe that learning through play should be a rewarding and exciting experience, where children are encouraged to explore, investigate, repeat, rehearse, practise and consolidate their learning so that they can reach their full potential and ‘SPARKLE’. Children learn at different rates and in different ways, we aim to give all children the best opportunities to reach their full potential academically, physically and emotionally by offering a broad and balanced curriculum based on the children’s needs and interests.  This will be through the provision of both adult and child initiated activities and ‘adult directed’ activities in both the indoor and outdoor areas.


Our Aims


Please be aware that as part of our Covid-19 response and in line with our school Risk Assessment the organisation of our Early Years Foundation Stage may be currently different to that stated below. 


Organisation in the Foundation Stage

At Glade Hill all classes have names, the Foundation Stage is known as the Amazing Acorns. In Foundation 1, children are admitted soon after their third birthday.  Children attend for a morning or afternoon session 8.45-11.45am or 12.45-3.05pm, we have spaces for 30 children per session. When the children are 4 years old they have the option of attending two extra sessions per week in preparation for attending full time in the September after they are four. We have spaces for 60 F2 children.  Our staff pupil ratios are, 1:30 for staff with qualified teacher status, 1:13 for qualified Early Years Practitioners.  The children have the opportunity to play in and access the outdoor facilities for 1-1½hours per session and engage in active learning.  Independence, investigation, resilience and creativity is encouraged when using both the indoor and outdoor learning environment.

Key Workers and Learning Journeys

The children in our Foundation Stage are in Family group for registration, story, milk and fruit and personal, social, emotional development and of course speaking and listening activities. These are mixed age groups i.e.  3-5 year olds where the older children are encouraged to support and mentor the younger children. Children’s records will be updated on an ongoing basis using evidence from observations of spontaneous independent and consistent achievements. The adult leading the group is responsible for completing the learning journeys, (using information from parents, photos, observation notes and assessments) and of course keeping parents up to date with their child’s progress.


The Learning Environment

We have a large and modern indoor learning area which is open plan  and is organised and furnished to encourage independence, exploration and respect of resources. The EYFS unit is separated into differentiated 'zones', each with activities linked to the developmental stages of children in EYFS. Children are encouraged to complete our 'Rainbow Challenge' each week by collecting a different coloured lollipop stick for the different activities they complete. Our outdoor classrooms also provide exciting and challenging learning opportunities.


Our Curriculum

At Glade Hill we follow the new 2012 Early Years Stage Curriculum.

The Prime areas are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development. These are a particular focus for Foundation 1 as they develop basic skills needed for future learning and develop the whole child. 



The Specific areas are reading, writing, the world and expressive arts and design, applying and developing skills.


Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress by:

- Staff being available on a daily basis for discussions.

Parents’ meetings twice a year.

- Stay and play sessions and reading cafes offer parents the opportunities to share in their child’s learning.

-  Parents of F2 children will receive an end of year report on their child’s progress and an achievement report relating to the Early Learning Goals.  Judgements will be made to determine if the child has reached the ‘expected’ level of achievement, ‘exceeded’ it or is still ‘emerging’ and developing these skills.


Safeguarding and the welfare of pupils

The Foundation Stage follow the school’s policy and guidelines and ensure that children with disabilities have special or additional educational needs, including behaviour, emotional and social difficulties seek the support, training and guidance from different agencies to ensure the pupils safety and well-being. Adaptions to the environment have been made and specialist equipment accessed when necessary and risk assessments carried out. Qualified, key persons are allocated for the children, staff ratios are adhered to and school guidelines on medicines are followed. Records are kept on the children and confidentiality is respected.

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