Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

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Beat the Street

We are currently taking part in the citywide 'Beat the Street' initiative.  This has been launched to encourage children and families to be more active and walk/cycle/run around the city.  The finish date of the initiative is Wednesday 8 June 2016.


Your child should have brought home a fob (which has been pre-registered to our school) and a parent envelope with a card which needs to be registered to gain points for the school.  They will also have a map of this area of Nottingham showing where all the Beat Boxes have been located.


There will be some individual prizes within school for children who take part and there are also some school prizes that will be awarded at the end of the initiative to participating schools.


Please note the following points to ensure that we collect as many points for this school as possible:

-  to record a journey and gain 10 points you need to tap 2 Beat Boxes within 1 hour.

- you can record the same journey more than once so make sure you tap 2 Beat Boxes on your way to school and home again every day.

- parents need to register their card online to gain points for the school.

- points will not be awarded if you tap the Beat Boxes too quickly (ie if you drive around!)

- children can check how many points they have collected by going online and using the number on the back of their fob.




We hope that you will all want to join in and enjoy taking part in this fun initiative.