Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Primary Parliament

Four members of the Pupil Council from Years 5 & 6 attended the Primary Parliament on Friday 6 March run by Nottingham Learning Trust and Nottingham City Council.  They were accompanied by Mr Purcell and they all had a very enjoyable day.  The following report has been written by Maisie, Yr 6.



On Friday 6th March (years 5 and 6) Pupil Council took a trip down to ‘The Nottingham Conference Centre’ to take part in Primary Parliament.


The first thing we did when we got there was write our names on a sticky label then stuck it to our jumpers, then entered in.


When we were inside, Mr Purcell met Mr Charley (someone he used to work with) from Forest Fields School.  We sat on the same table as them.  We were all given note pads and wooden pens.


It started when we were told our first activity, to get to know each other.  So we all introduced ourselves to the rest of the table.


The second activity was to think of what keeps us safe and sort them out on to a pyramid of importance.  For example: Lollipop ladies; not smoking in public places; speeding limits; speed bumps and traffic lights.


The last activity we did was to come up with a project and work out costs then present it to the Sheriff of Nottingham and Dave the Councillor.