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Summer 1- Old MacDonald had a farm

Old MacDonald had a farm

This term in Nursery we will be learning all about farms; the animals that live there and the plants that grow in the fields. We will be focussing on 3 key texts: Farmyard jamboree, Farmyard Hullabaloo and Farmer Duck.



In Literacy the children will learn new songs and nursery rhymes related to our theme and, focus on joining in with repeated refrains or rhymes from our key texts. They will also be representing key characters from the texts through detailed drawings.

In Maths there will be a focus on capacity, height and length alongside number sequences to 10 and counting 1:1 skills.

The children will become keen scientists this term by observing farm animals and offspring, planting seeds and observing the growth. Furthermore, the children will get to learn about and watch the life cycle of a butterfly through daily observations and discussions. We will also be providing a chance for the children in Nursery to become pet owners, as we have organised with White Post Farm for 2 guinea pigs to stay in our classroom for a whole week. The children will learn about pet care and safety in a real-life context.

In addition, we will also be celebrating the Queen’s jubilee by painting portraits of her Majesty and by having an in-school event.


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