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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher - Ms Sheppard
Assistant Head Teacher - Mrs Want
Inclusion Leader, SENCO & KS1 Leader - Mrs Stapleton

KS1 Phase Leader- Miss Lee
Lower KS2 Phase Leader - Miss Marshall
Upper KS2 Phase Leader - Mrs Lineker

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader  - Miss Mills

Foundation Teachers - Miss Ross, Miss Jardine

Foundation Practitioners - Mrs Beet (Lead Practitioner), Miss Beckett, Mrs Tilstone, Mrs Gadsby, Ms Hunt

Class 1 Teachers - Miss Harding, Miss Owen, Miss Sidebottom
Class 1 Teaching Assistants - Mrs Fowler, Miss Batchford, Mrs Staley

Class 2 Teacher - Miss Lee
Class 2 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Brown

Class 3 Teacher - Miss Marshall
Class 3 Teaching Assistant - Mrs McKenna

Class 4 Teacher - Mrs Aikman and Mrs Rowe
Class 4 Lead Teaching Assistant - Mrs Ozkaya

Class 5 Teacher - Mrs Lineker
Class 5 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Buxton

Class 6 Teacher - Miss Turnbull
Class 6 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Smith


Nurture Support - Mrs Staley, Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Cannon

Learning Support Assistants- Mrs Ramage, Miss McKay

PPA Teachers - Mrs Elgin-Toll, Miss Jardine

Learning Mentor - Mr Purcell

PE & School Sport Specialist - Mr Strachan

School Business Manager - Mrs Coward
Administrative Assistants - Mrs Brown and Ms Morrell

Site Manager - Mr Lambley

Assistant Caretaker - Mr Poullet
Cleaners - Mrs Jeziorska, Mrs Huskinson, Mrs Savage and Ms Theaker

Senior Midday Supervisor - Mrs Ramage
Midday Supervisors - Mrs Jeziorska, Miss McKay, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Armes
Lunch Club Coordinator - Mrs Bradshaw

Lunch Club Assistant - Mrs Easom

Picture 1 Ms Sheppard
Picture 2 Mrs Want
Picture 3 Mrs Stapleton
Picture 4 Mrs Rowe
Picture 5 Mrs Lineker
Picture 6 Miss Mills
Picture 7 Mrs Beet
Picture 8 Miss Beckett
Picture 9 Mrs Tilstone
Picture 10 Mrs Fletcher
Picture 11 Mrs Staley
Picture 12 Mrs Brown
Picture 13 Miss Lee
Picture 14 Mrs Fowler
Picture 15 Miss Turnbull
Picture 16 Mrs McKenna
Picture 17 Miss Marshall
Picture 18 Mrs Smith
Picture 19 Mrs Buxton
Picture 20 Mrs Ozkaya
Picture 21 Mrs Elgin-Toll
Picture 22 Mrs Cannon
Picture 23 Mr Purcell
Picture 24 Mrs Coward
Picture 25 Mrs Brown
Picture 26 Mr Lambley
Picture 27 Mrs Savage
Picture 28 Miss Theaker
Picture 29 Mrs Huskinson
Picture 30 Mrs Ramage
Picture 31 Mrs Armes
Picture 32 Mrs Bradshaw