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Welcome to Year 5's class page. Mrs Lineker is our class teacher and Mrs Buxton is our TA! 

Take a look at our page regularly to see what we have been learning!

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P.E. is a compulsory part of the curriculum (all children must take part)

and for Health and Safety reasons full P.E kit must be worn.


The Glade Hill PE kit is a plain white t-shirt with black shorts or trousers.


P.E. in Year 5 is on Thursday mornings and sometimes on Friday afternoons.

Please can the children have their PE kit in school every day as in the summer term we like to take the opportunity of the nice weather and play more sports on the field!


Also please can children bring hat, sun cream and water bottles (every day) to school so they can stay protected from the sun and hydrated.

Summer Term!

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Summer 1 Newsletter Y5

Spring Term


Welcome back to the spring term in Year 5! We have lots of fun things to learn and share with you so keep checking back on our class page!

Evacuee Day!

Today we have celebrated the end to our WWII topic by having an evacuee day!


We dressed up as evacuees, wore our gas masks, and name tags, carried round our identity cards, tried food from during the war, made propaganda posters and made our own Anderson shelters!

Take a look at all the fun we have had!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 1 Girls
Picture 2 Boys
Picture 3 Class photo
Picture 4 Gas masks on!

Food tasting and making Anderson shelters!

Science Week!


We have been really lucky to spend a whole week learning about:




We had many different learning experiences and we learnt an awful lot about what it would be like to be an astronaut.

We explored these questions:


- What would an astronaut wear?

- What do astronauts eat and drink?

- How do astronauts go to the toilet in space?

- What would an astronaut see in space?


We explored astro nappies, experimented with the absorbency of materials to design our own astro nappies, we tried astronaut ice cream and we went to space in a Infliverse!


Take a look at the amazing science we have been up to...


Picture 1 A scientist at the National Space Centre
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 Experimenting with absorbency
Picture 5
Picture 6 Experimenting with absorbency
Picture 7 Experimenting with absorbency
Picture 8
Picture 9 Experimenting with absorbency
Picture 10
Picture 11 Experimenting with absorbency
Picture 12 Experimenting with absorbency
Picture 13 Experimenting with absorbency
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16 Inflativerse!
Picture 17 Ready to go in...
Picture 18 We had to crawl to get in!
Picture 19
Picture 20 Star constellations in the night sky
Picture 21
Picture 22 Learning about galaxies
Picture 23 Categorising galaxies
Picture 24 Categorising galaxies
Picture 25 Categorising galaxies
Picture 26 Categorising galaxies
Picture 27
Picture 28 Our SPACE art
Picture 29 Astronaut ice cream!
Picture 30 Tasting astronaut ice cream!
Picture 31 Tasting astronaut ice cream!
Picture 32 Tasting astronaut ice cream!
Picture 33 Tasting astronaut ice cream!
Picture 34 Tasting astronaut ice cream!
Picture 35 Tasting astronaut ice cream!
Picture 36 Tasting astronaut ice cream!
Picture 37 Tasting astronaut ice cream!
Picture 38 Tasting astronaut ice cream!
Picture 39 Tasting astronaut ice cream!

'I'm An Evacuee Get Me Out Of Here!'

Picture 1
Picture 1

This half term we will be learning about what life was like for an evacuee during World War II. This inspiration comes from our class novel - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - where the main characters are evacuees.


Literacy ~ In literacy we are learning how to write a story with flashbacks in it.

Maths ~ We will be focusing on being able to use the four operations with fractions and decimals.

Science ~ We will be learning about the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects.

History ~ We will be learning about World War II, why it happened, who was involved and what the Blitz was.



This half term Year 5 have been learning about how to create a blog. We have been commenting on blog posts and even creating our own blog posts.

Please take a look on the Class Blog section of our school website to find it!

Tips for how to blog responsibly

Tips for how to blog responsibly 1

Information for Evacuee Day!

Information for Evacuee Day! 1

Spring Term Newsletter

Autumn Term 2

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This half term our new topic is Eureka! This means 'I've got it!' We will be researching into famous eureka moments where inventors have created something new that has changed our world!


In literacy we will be learning how to write persuasive writing and how to write a persuasive speech, like a Dragon's Den pitch. The children will be performing these in a Dragon's Den panel at the end of the term.

In history we will be learning about famous inventors and inventions.

In science we will be learning about materials and their properties and why certain materials are used I particular products.

In maths we will be learning how to multiply and divide using written methods.

Mega maths!

Mega maths! 1
We have been learning about the value of a digit in a decimal number!

Chocolate box packaging project!

Chocolate box packaging project! 1
Chocolate box packaging project! 2
Chocolate box packaging project! 3
Chocolate box packaging project! 4
Chocolate box packaging project! 5
Chocolate box packaging project! 6
Chocolate box packaging project! 7
Chocolate box packaging project! 8
Chocolate box packaging project! 9
Chocolate box packaging project! 10
Chocolate box packaging project! 11
Chocolate box packaging project! 12
Chocolate box packaging project! 13
Chocolate box packaging project! 14
Chocolate box packaging project! 15
Chocolate box packaging project! 16
Chocolate box packaging project! 17
Chocolate box packaging project! 18
Chocolate box packaging project! 19
Chocolate box packaging project! 20
Chocolate box packaging project! 21
Chocolate box packaging project! 22
Chocolate box packaging project! 23
Chocolate box packaging project! 24
Chocolate box packaging project! 25
Chocolate box packaging project! 26
Chocolate box packaging project! 27
Chocolate box packaging project! 28
Chocolate box packaging project! 29
Chocolate box packaging project! 30
Chocolate box packaging project! 31
Chocolate box packaging project! 32
Chocolate box packaging project! 33
Chocolate box packaging project! 34
Chocolate box packaging project! 35
Chocolate box packaging project! 36
Chocolate box packaging project! 37
Chocolate box packaging project! 38

Team points award!

Team points award! 1
Team points award! 2
Team points award! 3
Team points award! 4
Team points award! 5
Team points award! 6
Team points award! 7
Team points award! 8
Team points award! 9
Team points award! 10
Team points award! 11
Team points award! 12

The book we will be studying this half term:

The book we will be studying this half term: 1


Autumn Term 1



This half term Year 5 are basing all their learning around the novel 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.




Picture 1

Take a look at what we are learning this half term:


Scrumdiddilyumptious is the name of our new topic! We will be learning all about chocolate, where it came from originally, how to make it and also how to package it!

Literacy – Adventure stories - We will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other adventure stories for inspiration.

Maths – Addition and Subtraction - This half term we will be learning how to use addition and subtraction confidently and efficiently to solve mathematical problems. We will also be focusing on being able to calculate sums in our heads at a quick speed.

Science – Chemistry– this half term we will be learning all about mixtures, solutions, reversible and irreversible changes.

History – We will be studying the Aztecs and how they invented chocolate!

Cadbury World Trip!


We visited Cadbury World to learn about where chocolate comes from and how it is made! Highlights of our trip include tasting melted chocolate, going to the 4D cinema and playing on the Aztec Adventure Park!

Take a look at what we got up to...

Picture 1

Trip to Cadbury World!

Trip to Cadbury World! 1
Trip to Cadbury World! 2
Trip to Cadbury World! 3
Trip to Cadbury World! 4
Trip to Cadbury World! 5
Trip to Cadbury World! 6
Trip to Cadbury World! 7
Trip to Cadbury World! 8
Trip to Cadbury World! 9
Trip to Cadbury World! 10
Trip to Cadbury World! 11
Trip to Cadbury World! 12
Trip to Cadbury World! 13
Trip to Cadbury World! 14
Trip to Cadbury World! 15
Trip to Cadbury World! 16
Trip to Cadbury World! 17
Trip to Cadbury World! 18
Trip to Cadbury World! 19
Trip to Cadbury World! 20
Trip to Cadbury World! 21
Trip to Cadbury World! 22
Trip to Cadbury World! 23
Trip to Cadbury World! 24
Trip to Cadbury World! 25
Trip to Cadbury World! 26
Trip to Cadbury World! 27
Trip to Cadbury World! 28
Trip to Cadbury World! 29
Trip to Cadbury World! 30
Trip to Cadbury World! 31
Trip to Cadbury World! 32
Trip to Cadbury World! 33
Trip to Cadbury World! 34
Trip to Cadbury World! 35
Trip to Cadbury World! 36
Trip to Cadbury World! 37
Trip to Cadbury World! 38
Trip to Cadbury World! 39
Trip to Cadbury World! 40
Trip to Cadbury World! 41
Trip to Cadbury World! 42
Trip to Cadbury World! 43
Trip to Cadbury World! 44
Trip to Cadbury World! 45
Trip to Cadbury World! 46
Trip to Cadbury World! 47
Trip to Cadbury World! 48

Creative Conductors.


We were really lucky to have a member of EON come in to visit us and teach us all about conductors

and insulators. We learnt that materials have properties which can be really useful - such as allowing electricity to pass through it. These are called conductors.


We made models using a variety of conductive materials and connected them via wires to a programmed computer. When the circuits were complete, the model would make different noises! It was so much fun!


Take a look as us in action...

Blind chocolate tasting!

Marvellous Me!

Marvellous Me! 1

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