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Welcome to Marvellous Maples!


Welcome to Year 5's class page. Miss Walton is our class teacher and Mrs Ozkaya is our TA! 

Take a look at our page regularly to see what we have been learning!

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P.E. is a compulsory part of the curriculum (all children must take part)

and for Health and Safety reasons full P.E kit must be worn.


The Glade Hill PE kit is a plain white t-shirt with black shorts or trousers.


P.E. in Year 5 is on Thursday mornings


Summer Term

This half term Year 5 are basing all their learning around the novel 

The London Eye Mystery.


Take a look at what we are learning this half term:


Writing - mystery stories

Maths - percentages and angles 

History and geography - London landmarks and history of the Royal family

DT - making a ferris wheel

Science - space and the solar system


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Summer Term 1 Newsletter

World Book Day!

Spring 1


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief!


This half term we are reading this book! Alongside reading the book we will be learning about:


Writing - how to write our own mythical story

History - Ancient Greece

Art - art from Ancient Greece

RE - people's beliefs about God from various religions

Science - Forces

Maths - fractions and decimals


Our BIG QUESTION we will be discussing and exploring this half term is



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Digital Photography Project, Fabulous Friday! Using the green screen...

Spring 1 Newsletter

Aladin - Trip to the panto!

Aladin - Trip to the panto! 1
Aladin - Trip to the panto! 2
Aladin - Trip to the panto! 3
Aladin - Trip to the panto! 4
Aladin - Trip to the panto! 5
Aladin - Trip to the panto! 6

Book Worm Award 2.12.16

Book Worm Award 2.12.16 1

Charlotte's Web Art Afternoon - Clay animals

Book Worm Award 25.11.16

Book Worm Award 25.11.16 1

Amazing Sports Stars in Year 5! Ice-skating and Boxing champions!

Amazing Sports Stars in Year 5! Ice-skating and Boxing champions! 1
Amazing Sports Stars in Year 5! Ice-skating and Boxing champions! 2

Book Worm awards 11.11.16

Book Worm awards 11.11.16 1
Book Worm awards 11.11.16 2
Only 61% of children read three times or more this week. This is a lot less than our target of 85%. Please try to read three times a week and remember you can always ask to read to an adult in school! 

Book worm award 4.11.16

Book worm award 4.11.16 1

Charlotte's Web!

This half term we are studying the novel Charlotte's Web by E.B.White. Take a look at what we will be studying based around this novel this half term:


Writing ~ persuasive letters

Science ~ life cycles of flowers and animals

Geography ~ farming

Art ~ sketching of flowers

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Creative Projects!

Creative Projects! 1 Narnia wardrobe and landscape.
Creative Projects! 2 Narnia setting and lamp post
Creative Projects! 3 The face of Aslan!
Creative Projects! 4 Narnia characters collage
Creative Projects! 5 Narnia snow globe!
Creative Projects! 6 Narnia poster
Creative Projects! 7 Narnia in a shoe box!
Creative Projects! 8 3D Aslan collage!

Creative Project

Creative Project 1

Science Investigation

Which type of paper is the most absorbent? 


Take a look at our science investigation where we carried out a fair test to see which type of paper would absorb the most water. We used paper towels, tracing paper, squared paper, card and toilet paper. Which do you think absorbed the most water?

In these photos you will see us making observations, carrying out the fair test and recording our results.


Book Worm Award 14.10.16

Book Worm Award 14.10.16 1

Book Worm award 7.10.16

Book Worm award 7.10.16 1
75% of children read 3 times or more this week! Well done!

Book worm awards (30.9.16)

Book worm awards (30.9.16) 1
Book worm awards (30.9.16) 2
67% of children read three times this week. We are aiming to get back to 80% next week.

Book worm award (23.9.16)

Book worm award (23.9.16)  1

First Year 5 Book Worm ward!!!

First Year 5 Book Worm ward!!! 1

Well done to Kain who has won the first Book Worm Award of the year! I was so proud of him for reading so much in a week! He beat the 'three times a week' target! 


If if you would like to win a book worm award try and read as much as you can! 


This week (16.9.16)



of children read three times! That is great! Let's try for 85% next week! 

Well done Year Five!



The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!


This half term we are studying the novel The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We will be using this as inspiration to write our own adventure stories! Take a look at what else we will be learning this half term based around this novel...


Science ~ properties of materials

BIG QUESTION ~ What would happen if all keys were made out of chocolate?

History ~ WWII and what life was like for evacuees during the war

Famous person ~ Dynamo - is magic real?

Picture 1

Story synopsis...


When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy stumble upon an enchanted wardrobe in an old country mansion, they discover that it’s a gateway to another world. A world where animals speak and mythical creatures roam. A magical world called Narnia.

A fantastical adventure begins but the four soon realise that something is very wrong in Narnia. The wicked White Witch has cast a spell bringing about an eternal winter. Now the children must find the courage within themselves to break the spell and reinstate Narnia’s rightful ruler, Aslan the lion, to his throne

Marvellous Me!

Marvellous Me! 1

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Remember we are GOLDEN and we SPARKLE!

Autumn Term 2 Newsletter

Autumn Term Newsletter

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