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Yr 1 - Brilliant Beeches

Spring 1 in Brilliant Beeches!

Mrs Rowe, Miss Bacon and Mr Strachan welcome you to BRILLIANT BEECHES.

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We are so excited for another fun-filled half term in the Brilliant Beeches.

Our new topic is full of excitement which we hope will really engage the children!


Monsters Vs. Aliens


Our topic for Spring 1 is Monsters Vs Aliens. On our first week back to school we found a spaceship had crash landed outside. It was so exciting! We are looking at the books Beegu by Alexis Deacon, Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley, and But Martin by June Counsel. We will learn how to control Beebots and make a moon buggy to learn how the first man on the moon moved around!

Literacy and Reading


Our focus this half term is to ensure all the children can write a sentence using a full stop and a capital letter. Children have already begun to join their sentences using ‘and’ and using the personal pronoun ‘I’! We are going to begin using simple adjectives to help introduce description into our sentences and we are so excited to see what fantastic writing the children can produce this half term!


We have just had our first Red Ted assembly of the academic year. Lots of our fantastic readers were given their first teddy. We are going to have another assembly very soon for those children who nearly achieved this goal. Please remember to write in your child’s diary to say that you have read three times a week for them to be in with a chance of getting a Red Ted in assembly. The children love collecting their teddy bears, and it helps with their overall reading ability. Thank you to all of the parents already doing this.

Numeracy and Science

This half term we will be learning how to count to 40, solving complicated word problems, and comparing height and lengths. This ties in very nicely with our science topic because we will be measuring our hands and feet, comparing them within each other.   We will also be learning to name the different parts of the human body, comparing them with aliens and monsters. We have lots of other science investigations planned, including making alien slime from scratch!




Here are some creative tasks for you to do with your child over the next few weeks. You can choose which tasks you would like to complete and how many. We would just like you to have some fun learning together.

Science Task Measure the length of your family.  Draw a picture to show the different heights of the people you live with.  Does the tallest person have the biggest hands?  Does the shortest person have the smallest feet?



Make a rocket or an alien/monster out of your recycling.
Phonics Task Create a new monster or alien and give it a strange name.  Use your phonics to make up some strange words.  Can you give parts of the body new alien/monster names e.g. head = pread    Draw your alien/monster and label it with your new names.


P.E is still on a Thursday.

 Please ensure your child has a correct P.E. kit in school so that we can do PE outside in the lovely summer weather (white t-shirt, black shorts and sport shoes).

If your child wears earrings is it important they can remove them themselves or you do it in the morning please.  We cannot put plasters over earrings.



Please can you make sure you read with your child at least three times a week and write it in their reading journal to help towards their 'Red-Ted' award. Diaries will be checked for RED TED on a Thursday.  Look out for Billy and Bettie Bookworm who will start appearing soon.  If your child finds either bookworm and returns it to school after they have completed their 3 reads they can earn an extra prize.

Let's see who can earn their RED TED TEDDY first!

Finally, please remember to always..


It is important to follow our Golden Rules any time, any place, any where.  We like to be PROUD of our children so look out for Marvellous Me's coming when your children have been BRILLIANT.


Alien Crash Landing!

Monster Making