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Yr 1 - Brilliant Bonsais

Spring 2 in The Brilliant Bonsais!


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Rumble in the Jungle!


We are so excited for another fun-filled half term in the Brilliant Bonsais. Our new topic is called “Rumble in the Jungle” and involves all things wild and exciting! I still use Marvellous Me and our class email address – - is now up and running if you need to email me anything regarding your child.


Thank you,

Miss Newman and Mrs Fowler

Our Topic Books

Our Topic Books 1
Our Topic Books 2
Our Topic Books 3
Our Topic Books 4




The topic books we will be learning about this half term are The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright, Letters to Africa by UCLan, Rumble in the Jungle and Giraffes can’t dance by Giles Andreae. We will be learning all about how to write non-fiction texts, including non-chronological reports, diary entries and letter writing. We will be finding our own animal pictures in ICT and using our creative skills to remake the pictures, researching our chosen animals and the fantastic adjectives we learnt all about in Spring 1 to describe them. This is a fantastic topic and we can’t wait to get started!








Phonics and Reading

I have been so proud of the Brilliant Bonsais in Spring 1 for trying so hard with their phonics and applying it to their writing! We are going to try very hard in Spring 2 to remember the spelling rules and use them when learning about non-chronological reports.

Lots of the children have moved up the reading rainbow this half term. I am very impressed with how many children are reading at home more than 3 times a week. It is really helping them with their reading and fluency, and it is clear to see that they are really beginning to enjoy reading inside and outside of school. During the first few weeks back, we will be having another Red Ted assembly. Please encourage your child to read with you by reminding them about this and also to ask the questions given to you on the reading bookmarks to deepen children’s understanding. If you have misplaced this, please come and get a replacement as I have lots pre-made!


Phase 5 phonics sounds we've learnt so far:


ay ai

ee ea ie e_e

igh ie i i_e

oa oe ow o_e

ue oo ew u_e

oi oy


Phase 5 phonics sounds we're learning in Spring 2:


er ir ur

or aw au

ou ow

air ure ear

wh ph

ea (e spelled ea)


All these sounds can be re-capped at home with your children!



This half term we will begin to learn about multiplication and division, what it means to share and group objects into equal quantities. We will also begin to learn about fractions, how to make shapes into equal 1/2s and 1/4s. Lots of superhero maths this half term, focusing on defeating The Flash (+1/-1) and The Robin (+2/-2) in 2 minutes! Please feel free to practice these skills at home. This will help your child when we do the fun fluency sessions in school.




We will be learning to name the different parts of an animal, comparing them with the animals we will be learning about in our topic books. Alongside this, we will be learning about lots of other investigations, focusing on the changing of seasons.



is still on a Tuesday. Please ensure you child’s P.E. kit is in school from the first week back. Please be aware that we are not allowed to take your child’s earrings out so they need to be able to do this themselves or they need to be removed before the session every week.












Here are some creative tasks for you to do with your child over the next few weeks. You can choose which tasks you would like to complete and how many. We would just like you to have some fun learning together.

Science Task Measure the length of your family. Draw a picture to show the different heights of the people you live with. Does the tallest person have the biggest hands? Does the shortest person have the smallest feet?



Make a rocket or an alien/monster out of your recycling.
Phonics Task Create a new monster or alien and give it a strange name. Use your phonics to make up some strange words. Can you give parts of the body new alien/monster names e.g. head = pread Draw your alien/monster and label it with your new names.

Alien Crash Landing!

Monster Making

Key Reminders:


  • P.E. is on a Tuesday. The uniform for P.E. is a white t-shirt and black shorts. If your child wears earrings they need to be taken out before Tuesday P.E. sessions or they will not be able to take part.
  • Please make sure that everything your child brings to school is clearly labelled with their name and year group.
  • Phonics club for selected children will begin back on Wednesday 16th January 2019. At the moment, this is only for children who have been selected by the teacher. Please return the slips to school ASAP.
Below are some useful website to help the children keep learning at home!