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Yr 1 - Brilliant Bonsais

Autumn 2 in Brilliant Bonsais!

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Welcome back to Autumn 2!

We are so impressed with all the children and how much they are improving within their school work. It is down to your constant support outside of school which helps this to be achievable. I am always sending messages via Marvellous Me, so please come and see me if you are yet to sign up.


Thank you,

Miss Newman and Mrs Fowler



Our email address has changed and it is now:

Let's Celebrate Life!


Our topic this half term is all about celebrating life. Another creative homework will be going home in the next few and we would really love for you to have a go with your child. Your child will receive a prize box when they bring it into school! We will be looking at celebrating bonfire night, Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas. Please will you bring into school a picture of your child as a baby or a picture of them with a grand parents for a classroom display. They will be given back to you at the end of term!

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Literacy and Reading


We still have a big focus towards sitting correctly and comfortably at our tables, finger spaces, using capital letters at the beginning of sentences, forming our letters the correct way and using full stops. We are going to focus on using and to join our sentences together. We will be looking at the book The Wonder by Faye Hanson and Once upon a memory by Nina Laden.


We appreciate your continued support with reading at home. Please read at least 3 times a week at home and write in your child’s school diary. This book does not have to be a school book, just a book that your child enjoys reading. By now every child should have a bookmark with some key questions. Please use these when your child is reading to you.




This half term we will be looking at 3D shapes and positioning, and place value and addition and subtraction up to 20. Please use your child’s mathletics logons at home to practice these skills and any other additional learning they might enjoy.





In science we will be looking at everyday materials. We are going to learn about what makes something an object or a material.

We are going to be focusing on the seasonal change of winter and investigate how water turns into ice!




We have now swapped P.E. to a Tuesday. The children will be learning skills linked to reacting and responding and co-ordination with equipment. Please make sure your children’s earrings have been taken out for this day!












Here are some creative tasks for you to do with your child over the next few weeks. You can choose which tasks you would like to complete and how many. We would just like you to have some fun learning together.


Scientific Tasks

How many different materials can you see in your house?


Draw a picture of your favourite toy. What material is it made from? What words would you use to describe it?


Bake some Christmas cookies. (Don’t forget to send one in for Mrs Rowe and one for Miss Newman!)

Maths Tasks

Measure the length of different ribbons.


Go on a shape hunt and make a tally chart to show how many you found.



Draw, collage or paint a Snow scene.


Make a memory box to show what is important to you as a family and what you like to celebrate.

Research and Computing

Visit the BBC website to learn more about Diwali.


We can't wait for the year ahead!


Miss Newman and Mrs Fowler

Key Reminders:


  • P.E. is on a Tuesday. The uniform for P.E. is a white t-shirt and black shorts. If your child wears earrings they need to be taken out before Tuesday P.E. sessions or they will not be able to take part.
  • We will be going on a trip to the snow dome at the end of term.
  • Parents evening is Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th November. Please return slips to school as soon as possible.
  • Please make sure that everything your child brings to school is clearly labelled with their name and year group.
Below are some useful website to help the children keep learning at home!