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Yr 1 - Brilliant Bonsais

Autumn 1 in Brilliant Bonsais!

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Welcome back to Year One!

Mrs Fowler and I are so impressed with how well all the children have settled into Year One and how BRILLIANT they are all doing.

If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact us on the class email address:



Autumn 1




We will be looking at three stories in literacy: ‘owl babies’, ‘superworm’ and ‘stickman’. For fiction we are focusing on stories in familiar settings, and in non-fiction we are focusing on labels, lists and captions. We make our sentences BRILLIANT in Year One by using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!




This term there will be a strong focus on number bonds and place value in Year One. To aid this at home you could practice counting different objects up to 20 and also counting back from 20 all the way to zero. We will be adding numbers together to make the total of 10, and also the same with making numbers to 20.


Topic / Science


Our topic this half term is ‘The Enchanted Forest’. We will be looking at the different plants that can be found in the forest, and labelling different animals.




This half term our P.E. will be indoors, focusing on ball skills. Our P.E. sessions will take place Thursday afternoons.




Please can you read with your child three times a week and write in their diary. They will be working towards their Red Ted award!










Here are some creative tasks for you to do with your child over the next few weeks. You can choose which tasks you would like to complete and how many. We would just like you to have some fun learning together.


Scientific Tasks

How many different plants can you spot in your garden? Draw some pictures to record this.


Can you create a den? Take a photo or draw a picture of it and label the materials you used.


Plant a seed and see what happens to it. Keep a seed diary to let us know how it changes and grows.

Maths Tasks

Measure the length and height of flowers, trees, bushes, twigs and leaves in your garden or at the park. Record your results.


Visit your local park. Can you create a chart to tell us about the things you see? Birds, squirrels, types of flowers, types of tree etc.



Draw, collage or paint a woodland scene.


Make a home for a character from the Stick Man or Owl Babies stories. Take a photograph or bring it in a shoebox to show the class.

Research and Computing

Visit the BBC website to learn more about the woodland habitats.

Make notes about what interesting things you discover.


Choose a woodland creature. Can you create a fact file about it?

  1. Can you describe it?
  2. Where does it live?
  3. What does it like to eat?


We can't wait for the year ahead!


Miss Newman and Mrs Fowler

Key Reminders:


  • P.E. is on a Thursday afternoon. The uniform for P.E. is a white t-shirt and black shorts. If your child wears earrings they need to be taken out before Thursday P.E. sessions.
  • We will be going on a walk to Bestwood Park in the next few weeks - the letters for this will be send out shortly.
  • The meet and greet for the Brilliant Bonsais will be on Wednesday 19th September at 2.30pm.
Below are some useful website to help the children keep learning at home!