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Yr 2 - Wonderful Wisterias

Welcome to Wonderful Wisterias!

Welcome back to Spring Term in Year 2!


Mrs Brown and I are ready for all the exciting learning to commence and we can’t wait to see all the fantastic progress Wonderful Wisterias are sure to make.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come talk to me.



Mrs Metheringham , Wonderful Wisterias Class Teacher



We will be learning about descriptive writing through our topic of ‘Excellent Explorers’. We will consider the features of fiction space texts and will be creating our own pet alien. We are still working on our literacy Non-Negotiable of being able to spell all high frequency words correctly and making sure we are forming all letters correctly in our handwriting.  Please support your child with any un-highlighted words sent home as spellings.


This half term we will be focusing on multiplication, division and measures using a variety of methods to solve problems. We will be working hard on mental calculations and will be trying to improve their fluency in recalling number facts to 10 and 20. Please support your child with their Superhero Maths sheets and by asking them questions such as: What do I add to 13 to make 20? How much change would I get from 20p if I spent 5p?


Linked with our topic, we will be focusing on the history and importance of space travel. We will also be looking at classifying things as Living, Dead or Never Alive.


Our Big Question is:

Why do people want to explore the world?


One of the most important ways to support your child is by listening to them read. Please find time to read with your child at home, 3 times a week for at least 10 minutes – or more! Diaries will be checked and RED TED stars given each Friday. Each child will receive a brand new bookmarks this year for their reading book band. These have questions you can ask whilst reading to support your child's comprehension skills.


Weekly homework will be sent out on Fridays and will need to be completed and handed in by the following Friday. Each week, the homework will consist of a Literacy and Maths task that will reinforce our in-school learning. RED TED awards are continuing to be checked on a Friday. Thank you for all your support with this. Reading is an incredibly important part of your child’s education.

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We will be using the App to commmunicate with you about your child's day- their acheivements and how much they SPARKLE! Please see me if you need another unique join code for your child.

Looking for extra learning at home?

Please feel free to browse these activities and websites that will help support your child’s learning.


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