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Current Safety Alerts

Here are some current digital safety alerts that have been brought to our attention:

  • Sweet Dance - this is an app available on both Apple and Android devices that is stated as being suitable for older children. However adults may not be aware that there is a chat function that can be used to send inappropriate messages and images from unknown other users of the app and these users may not be children. Please check you child's device and chat history if they have this app to ensure their digital safety. There is some advice on the link following which may be of use: How to Ensure Your Children Stay Safe While Playing Online Games | NSPCC
  • Whatsapp - this is a well used communication app but is now more frequently being used by children despite the age rating being 16+. Concerns regarding using this app include being added to groups, group calls and unknown chats where your child could be exposed to online bullying, inappropriate messages, voice notes videos and images from both known and unknown people. If your child has this app, we would recommend reviewing the digital safety advice on the following link and considering if it is appropriate for them to continue to use. Is WhatsApp safe for my child? | NSPCC
  • SnapChat - we have had several parents and carers contact us to seek advice regarding their children's use of the social media app 'Snapchat'. Snapchat has a 13years + rating and therefore it is advised that Primary school children do not use the app. Please see the link below for some further advice on the app from the NSPCC.

    Is Snapchat safe for my child?