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We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Yr 5 - Marvellous Magnolias

Welcome to Marvellous Magnolias' Class Page!

Welcome to the Marvellous Magnolias' class page. We are so excited to continue this Marvellous learning journey and look forward to sharing all of our wondering learning experiences with you. On this page, you will find information about the learning that is taking place each term, information about homework, letters and other exciting updates. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the class email which you can find below, and I will aim to respond within the working week.


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Key information

  • Read at least 3 times per week
  • Practise spellings on your colour each week
  • Practise your times-tables or arithmetic skills each week
  • Complete MyMaths homework
  • PE is on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Autumn 2 - All Creatures Great and Small

We are writers

In our writing lessons, we will be using When the mountains roared as a stimulus to write a magazine campaign article persuading people to adopt a snow leopard, as well as writing a discussion text, thinking about the advantages and disadvantages to animals being in a zoo!

We will be working on many persuasive writing features and including direct and indirect speech.


We are readers

In our shared reading lessons, we will be developing our skills by reading and understanding texts across a range of genres - both fiction and non-fiction. Our main focus will be on understanding vocabulary and improving our inference and retrieval skills.


We are mathematicians

In our maths lessons this half-term, we will be learning about money, negative numbers, multiplication and division.

We are consolidating our knowledge of negative numbers, by calculating with them and learning short methods for solving multiplication and division equations.


We are historians, designers, scientists and athletes 


In Geography we are learning Locational Knowledge and identifying human and physical characteristics of different key countries.

Our Art lessons will have a focus on Drawing, with this changing to a weaving focus towards the end of the half term. 

In science, our topic is forces, during this we will be trying to use our learning to answer the Big Question: How and Why do things move?

Our PE lessons will be based on dodgeball and volleyball.



Some of our Marvellous parents, joining us in our science excite and engage!

Super scientists making seed bombs for our excite and engage Monday!

Some of our Marvellous Magnolias measuring and cutting wood for their automata toys!


Summer 2 - Our House is on Fire!

We are mathematicians...

This half term in Maths the children will be learning about angles and their properties. They will learn that obtuse angles are between 90 and 180 degrees and a reflex angle is more than 180 degrees. Following on from this, the children will be able to practice converting between units of measurement, including metres to centimetres and litres to millilitres. Throughout the term, we will continue to practice our arithmetic skills.


We are writers...

In English this half term, we will be studying the book ‘The Last Wild’. We will use this as inspiration to write a magazine article all about recycling and how important it is for our environment. Following on from this, we will be writing persuasive letters all about our environment, ensuring to use key persuasive writing features.


We are scientists...

Our focus for this half term is ‘Animals, including humans’. Each week, we will be developing our scientific knowledge and enquiry skills, being able to answer our big question: Why and how does a human change over time? Children will be learning all about the different stages of development – from babies to old age!


We are geographers...

In Geography, our topic focuses on our local area – Bestwood! The children will be exploring and researching Bestwood and its features, from how it has changed over the years, to comparing it to a rural location. Towards the end of the term, the children will be going on a fieldtrip around Bestwood conducting field work.


We are artists...

In Art, the children will be exploring sculpture, painting and printing. The two artists which will be key for their learning are Joan Miro and Peter Thorpe. During our sculpture topic, the children will be creating a bust of Medusa using only recycled items. Towards the end of the term the children will be creating a combined piece of art incorporating printing and painting, using printing ink and watercolour.


We are philosophers...

In PSHE we will be learning about growing and changing during RSHE and keeping safe.