Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE


Over the next few weeks we will be writing newspaper reports.


This week, we will be thinking about the genre in detail, and asking:


  • What is the purpose of a newspaper report?
  • Who would read a newspaper report?
  • What are the language and content features or a newspaper report?
  • What are the organisational features of a newspaper report?

Monday - What is the purpose of a newspaper report?


Today we are thinking about the purpose of a newspaper report.


Why do you think that newspaper reports are written, and who do you think might read them?


I have provided you with two examples of newspaper reports to read - I'd like you to read them, and think very carefully about what information you have learned. What kind of events do they describe? What facts do they give? Why were they interesting (or possibly not interesting)?


I'd like you to complete the blank worksheet to explain what you think the purpose of a newspaper report is. I've filled in one box as an example. If you get stuck, you can look at my completed version for ideas!

Tuesday - What are the features of a newspaper report?


Today we are going to learn about the features of our new genre, newspaper reports.


First I would like you to read the PDF - this focuses on a newspaper report about the price of asparagus (a very important issue!), and explains the different features you will find in a newspaper report.


The final page of the PDF gives you a list of features that I'd like you to find in the Lucky Lottery Winners newspaper article.


Record your answers on a blank piece of paper, a word document, or the purple mash template.

Wednesday - News report word bank


Using the three articles we've read already, and a new one I've added below, I'd like you to create a word bank that would be useful to magpie from when writing a Newspaper article.


Add words and short phrases to your word bank such as:


  • Time adverbials (For example: Yesterday, On Tuesday, At 3p.m.)
  • Speech verbs (For example: Explained, Reported, Alleged)
  • Modal verbs (For example: Could, Should, May have, Could have, might, need)
  • Fronted Adverbials
  • Any other words and phrase you think would help when writing your article.




Today is World Book Day 2021!


Head over to the World Book Day subpage to find details about activities for today. You need to choose an activity from each column to complete throughout the day. Get creative!

Friday - Writing a newspaper report of your choice.


Today I would like you to use what you have learnt about newspaper reports this week to have a go at writing your own!


This can be on a subject of your choice: maybe something that happened over half term, your take on a real life news story, or something completely invented!


I want you to make sure you include all of the featuers we have looked at this week:












You can use plain paper, purple mash, or a word document to complete this.