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Yr 3 - Fantastic Firs

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Extreme Earth

Summer 2 Learning




This half term in English we will be learning how to write a disaster story in the midst of a natural disaster and an explanation text about a chosen natural disaster.

Our book will be Escaping the Giant Wave and we will also be looking at examples of explanation texts and other information texts about natural disasters during our shared reading lessons!


Our focus this half term will be on using powerful vocabulary that fits a purpose. This means that in explanation texts we will use topical and factual vocabulary, whereas in our disaster story we will choose vocabulary that is exciting so that the reader is immersed in the story.

We will also be expanding our use of different sentence structures using adverbials and conjunctions.




This half term we will be focussing on fractions. Recapping reading and writing fractions then moving on to finding unit and non-unit fractions of amounts, placing fractions on a number line and adding and subtracting fractions! 

We will then move onto angles and shapes.

Please keep practising your TT Rock Stars at home.


Topic and Science

Our topic this half term is ‘Extreme Earth’
In geography we will be learning all about what makes up the layers of the Earth, as well as the cause and effects of a variety of natural disasters. In science, we will be learning about the skills needed for working scientifically. In art, we are learning about Alma Thomas and using her as an inspiration for our own collages.



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Red Nose Day 2021!

Well done to our Easter competition winners!