Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

EYFS Unit and Organisation

 Our EYFS children are referred to as 'Amazing Acorns'. We have both F1 (Nursery) and F2 (Reception) children within our unit. The children are put into 'Family Groups' where they register each day and spend some time together during the week sharing stories and doing speaking and listening activities with the same member of staff. These Family groups are smaller than the usual class sizes and contain a mixture of both F1 and F2 pupils, which allow the older children to act as peer role models. We find that family Groups really help children to develop their self-esteem and confidence, as well as their Glade Hill SPARKLE! Children are split into separate F1 and F2 groups for the majority of their other learning, including phonics and maths sessions. 

  We have a large EYFS unit which is separated into four different 'zones' and two outdoor classrooms. Blue and Yellow zones are where F1 (Nursery) children spend their day learning in a mixture of adult led and 'free-flow' play activities. Red and Green zone are where F2 children learn, again through a mixture of adult led and  'free-flow' play-based learning. F2  children are split into 2 classes. Red class (taught by Miss Ross) and Green class (taught by Miss Jardine). 

  Our 'Buttercups' room is a Nurture space where some children will go to learn in small groups throughout the day. Here staff are able to deliver sessions tailored to specific children's needs and lead wonderful intervention activities such as 'Interactive Music' and 'Dough Disco'.