Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Focus Half Terms



Every half term at Glade Hill we have a whole school focus.  The focus units are a key part of our Glade Hill curriculum because they are centred around areas we believe are important for the personal development of our pupils.  The focus units always involve a challenge and we encourage everyone in our community to join in including parents, grandparents, staff, friends  and governors.  Our focus areas this year are


Autumn 1 - Ambition 

Autumn 2 - Diversity

Spring 1 - Healthy Living 

Spring 2 - The Love of Books

Summer 1 - Outdoor Learning

Summer 2 - The World




We got the year off to a great start by supporting our children, staff and families to be more ambitious.   We have learned that we can achieve our long term goals can by breaking them down into smaller goals.


All the staff and children and many of our families have been completing the 28 day challenge.  We wanted to make or break a new habit in 28 days.   We challenged ourselves to get the longest streak of days we possibly could.  We realised that if we broke our streak it was ok we could just start counting again.

Here are some  of the challenges we completed.


I am going to stop biting my nails

I will write an entry in my diary everyday

I am going to get up early for school everyday

Stop eating chocolate

Exercise everyday

Eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetable every day

Drink water everyday

Give up juice


You can start a new 28 day challenge whenever you want to. 

Download the record card to help you.

Ambitions Challenge Card


As our focus for Autumn 2 we delved into Diversity, aiming to understand all the ways people can be diverse and how we are all diverse from each other. 

In school, each week of the half term had a different diversity focus: Diwali week, Remembrance week, Disability week, Choose a Class Country week, Channukah week, Polish week and Christmas around the world week. For each of these we had 'Music Mondays' where we listened to, danced and enjoyed music around that week's theme; 'Word Wednesdays', where each class learnt a word or phrase and 'Free Choice Fridays', where the classes had a chance to enjoy an art or creative based activity around the theme, such as making Diwa Lamps!

Out of school, families were invited to make a family box to bring into school where their children could show and explain different items about their family, culture or religion and how this made them diverse. We absolutely loved this and experiencing all the diversity within our classrooms was a special feeling.

Below you can see some of the amazing activities we got up to during our diversity half term and the wonderful family boxes, showing off our individual diversity!


Healthy Living

During the first half of the Spring Term, our who school focus was Healthy Living.  We wanted to encourage our children to think about the choices they make to keep themselves healthy and safe.   We learned about healthy eating, exercise and keeping ourselves safe online.


Give it a Go, Eat a Rainbow!


We set the children a challenge to eat a rainbow.  This involved eating or trying fruits and vegetables.  For some children we acknowledged that this was tough so during an assembly we discussed what a 'try' is and how different fruits and vegetables help to keep our bodies and minds healthy in different ways.  We learned that different colour fruits and vegetables contain different nutrients and vitamins and eating carrots really does help us to see better in the dark!

Have a look at the gallery to see how ambitious some of our children were with their choices.

We are very proud of everyone who achieved the challenge and have now improved their diets. 


Remember to try and eat 5 portions of fruits and veggies every day!