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This week in English, we're going to begin working towards rewriting the Russian folktale- The Wolf's Claw. We will focus on writing a setting description of a winter forest as this is where the story is set. Please follow each day carefully and watch the videos provided to support you.




Begin by watching the video below. Have a look at the pictures of the winter scene. Using the word banks provided, can you gather as many different words and phrases that you could use to describe what you see- think about the snow and the forest scene. Complete this on the Purple Mash task set for Monday 18th.

Winter forest- move through different points of the video to help you build an image in your mind.

Snow covered forest and a light wind breeze. It was like walking through a dream world, everything was covered in snow.► More of my Virtual Drive videos like...

This is what you will see on Purple Mash. Complete the task on this.


Yesterday you gathered words and phrases to describe the winter setting. Today we’re going to use them to create expanded noun phrases. Expanded noun phrases, are where we use 2 or more adjectives used to give more detail about a noun. For example, ‘The towering, oak, trees.’ In my example, you can see that towering and oak, are describe the trees.  Watch my video first, then have a go at creating some. Don’t forget to use yesterday’s work.  You can find the task on Purple Mash labelled 'Tuesday English'.

Click the link below to the Olives page on the video resource centre.


Yesterday you had a go at creating your own expanded noun phrases using the words you had gathered on Monday. Today, I would like you to write 6 super sentences including these. Watch the video first and then head over to Purple Mash to complete the task 'Wednesday English'.



Click the link below to the video resource centre and head over to the Olives' page.


Over the past few days, we have gathered word and phrases to help us bring this setting to life. Today, I would like you to use all those skills to write a paragraph, to create a setting description. Remember to think about the 5 senses, and try to describe things that you can see, hear, touch and smell. Begin by watching my video and example first, and then complete the task- 'Thursday English', on Purple Mash.


Click the link below to the video resource centre and head over to the Olives' page


Today, I would like you to look back through the paragraph that you wrote yesterday. Is there anything that you can edit and improve? Think about your sentence openers, your punctuation, and your choice of words. When you have done this, retype your best version onto the 'Friday English' Purple Mash task.