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Miss Siriboe's weekly message :)

18.05.20 Update

The Great Year 3 and 4 Bake Off: :D
Hello Outstanding Oaks. This week I teamed up with the wonderful Year 3 teachers as we battled it out to create the ultimate cheesecake. Enjoy watching the challenges and mishaps that we faced as well as the entertainment of songs. Don't forget to vote via email. (I promise mine tasted wayyyyy better than it looked Haha!).

Grab a blanket, a drink and a snack and enjoy! x
Miss Siriboe
p.s Can you be the next great cheesecake maker?

Update 12.05.20

Hello outstanding Oaks. This week I celebrated turning 27🎂 and I've been working on a very cool project thinking about how I can reduce my waste. Have a look and see. Can you take on my challenge?

From jumper to bag ✂️


What's Miss Siriboe been up to this week? Well. I've had a go at creating our very own class portrait! I hope you've all been keeping well and safe! Hope you like the picture. Scroll down to see a bigger version of it 😉. Take care x

We are Outstanding Oaks ☺️🎉

We are Outstanding Oaks ☺️🎉 1

28.04.20 weekly update

Hello outstanding oaks. I thought I'd add a section on our page where I could send videos, pictures and little messages checking in on you and letting you know what I've also been getting up to.
This week I'm sharing my pattern drawing that I've been completing during my evenings. Why not have a go :) ?

Take care. Miss Siriboe x