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Ryan learns why do we brush our teeth! | Educational Video for Kids

Ryan learns why do we brush our teeth! | Educational Video for Kids Learn with Ryan at home the importance of keeping your teeth clean! #stayhome #learn

How to Draw Cartoon Bacteria - For Kids

Lets Draw \(n_n)/

How to Make A Germy Stress Ball (Easy Peasy DIY!)

DIY Balloon squishy. Fun and easy stress balls how to. These are so easy to make...

Mrs Rowe's Science with food scraps - day 1

Mrs Rowe trying to grow an avocado tree from the pit of an avocado

How to grow new vegetables from kitchen scraps.

Is it possible to regrow vegetables from the scraps you through away?  You can use potatoes, carrots, lettuce ends... All the bits you would normally chop off and through away.  And all you need is some water and a glass or jar. 

10 Store Bought Vegetables & Herbs You Can Regrow For SEEDS & More Greens!

fastgrowingvegetables #howtoreplantvegetables #regrowvegetables ***Change the water daily or every other day to prevent bacteria growth. Thanks for watching...

Nature Scavenger Hunt

On your daily exercise see how many signs of nature you can find.

Picture News - Wild Animals

We love our discussion time in school and this one is all about animals.  Why don't you have a little 'circle time' with your grownups.  I've added some lovely activities below for you as well.

Shadow Animals

Can you use some of your toy animals and investigate what shadows they make? Think about what causes a shadow and are they all the same.  Draw around the shadow and leave it out for the day.  Does the shadow change shape or size?  Can you hide from your shadow?  If the sun doesn't shine can you find a different light source to help you to create a shadow?  Do shadows appear at night?

Whitepost Farm

We have been learning all about animals and had the amazing visit from Whitepost Farm who let us look after Sheldon for the week.  They also bought Jasper the rabbit, some guineapigs, the terrantula, hissing cockroaches and rats.

If your grownups have Facebook, ask them to LIKE the Whitepost Farm page.  (Remember Internet safety and only use this under strict adult supervision)

They are keeping us updated about all the animals in their care and have also set little tasks and challenges for you to complete.


How to Grow a Rainbow.

Also check out the MET weather website on our creative page.

Stay Curious

Do you know, Let find out! With Maddie Moat

TV presenter Maddie Moat has lots of scientific videos telling you all about how things are made.  There's even one about LEGO.

Do you remember the birdfeeders we made?  She reminds you how to do it.  Take a look and see what you can find out.  Maybe you could make a fact file about what you have learned.