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English Resources


This week we are continuing to learn how to write Non-Chronological reports. We will be focusing on including subordinating conjunctions in our writing.


Today we are learning how to use subordinating conjunctions to extend our sentences, allowing us to include more information.
Use the subordinating conjunction information and examples to write sentences about the Stone Age, which include a subordinating conjunction.




Write a paragraph about a Stone Age tool of your choice that includes subordinating conjunctions. Remember the tools they used were spears, hammer stones, nets and harpoons. If you need more information about these tools, take a look at the home learning from last week.

Take a look at the WAGOLL paragraph below before you begin writing and you will see how we have used subordinating conjunctions. 


Write a Non-Chronological report about Stone Age tools. Your report should have a title, subheadings and an introduction - features that we learned to use last week!

In your writing I am looking for you to include:

  • Commas in a list
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Subordinating conjunctions
  • Facts and information

Before you start writing, look at the example attached below. This will show you how we included the features in our writing!



This week we are learning how to add the suffix –ly to a root word with no change to the root word. Using the resource, add –ly to the root words.

Once you have finished, you can practice your coloured spelling words. To practice these follow the 'look, cover, write, check' format.

Look at the word, cover the word up, write the word and then check you have spelled it correctly.

You can also write sentences that include your spelling words. 



Today we are looking at a text called ‘The Stone Age Artist’, which is in our English resource folder.

Task 1: Listen to my version of The Stone Age Artist and listen to the expression. Can you read the text and use expression in your voice too?
We would love to hear your reading – send us an email with a voice note or video!

Task 2: Answer the questions about the text. These can be found in the resource folder. 

The Stone Age Artist