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This week in PSHE we’re going to be learning about the different identities with the UK. Click the video link below which will take you to this week’s PowerPoint.  Then, use the pictures under the PSHE heading to aid your discussions.

Follow up task Write a letter to a friend which tells them all about the different identities, religions and ethnicities that exists within the United Kingdom. Imagine this friend has never been to the UK before.

PSHE: discussion cards. Follow the link below to watch the lesson.



Research the artist Yayoi Kusama. Can you re-design your Faith Ringgold artwork and add in some of Yayoi Kusama techniques using sketching?

Yayoi Kusama

Enjoy this short informational video about the Japanese dot artist, Yayoi Kusama!



This week in French you are going to learn how to say the names of different family members and use this to create your own family tree. Before beginning, head over to last week's extension folder to recap the vocabulary taught.


Still image for this video
Follow along with Mrs E-T's lesson and then complete the family tree below or create your own.

French family tree example

Science Project 



Thursday: science project



Last week, you looked at the physical features of Russia and Guatemala. This week I would like to research a famous landmark of Guatemala and Russia. Create a tour guide leaflet on the template set on Purple Mash. You might even want to create a model of it.