Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE


Monday: Using Brackets for Parenthesis


Today we will learn how to use brackets correctly in order to add parenthesis to a sentence.


Read through the lesson which explains what parenthesis is, and how brackets can be used, including some examples.


Next, copy out the sentences on the worksheet and add in brackets in the appropriate place. Remember - the sentence must still make sense if the parenthesis is removed!

Tuesday: Using Dashes for Parenthesis

Building on what we learnt yesterday, we will now use dashes instead of brackets to indicate parenthesis.


We will also think about how dashes can be used to add extra information to a sentence in a dramatic way, revealing important information to the reader.


Read through the lesson first, and then test out what you've learned on the 'Dramatic Dash' worksheet. You can write this onto paper if you like. There are three difficulty levels, indicated by the number of stars in the bottom corner. Choose the one you feel most confident with!

Wednesday: Creating a Word Bank

On Thursday and Friday we will be writing a character description of an alien creature to link in with our Science Fiction topic. 


Today we will generate some interesting vocabulary to use in our descriptions!


Your task is to choose one of the aliens in my document below, and create a word bank, surrounding the picture with as many interesting adjectives, verbs, and similes as you can think of!


Remember, if you are working using a laptop or ipad, you can use an online thesaurus to find even more ambitious vocabulary!

Thursday: Writing an Alien Character Description

Today you are going to try writing a character description of an alien! Remember, this can be whatever creature you want it to be - use the pictures from yesterday for inspiration, or write about something you've seen or read about before - it's up to you!


Remember to include brackets and dashes if you can!


Have a look at my WAGOLL if you need some ideas!

Friday: Improving our Character Descriptions


Today finish, edit, and improve your writing. If you can, share it with someone at home - a brother or sister, or an adult, and ask them how you could make it even better!


Here are my top tips for successfully editing your writing:


1. Read it back to yourself to ensure it makes sense. Reading aloud is useful here - if it doesn't sound right, it probably isn't!


2. Check the tense. Have you kept it same all the way through? Make sure we don't jump between the past and present!


3. Check to make sure you have included parenthesis (brackets or dashes), and that you have done so correctly. Look back to Monday and Tuesday to double check if you're not sure.


4. Once you are happy with the content of your writing, do a punctuation check. Do you have full stops and capital letters (for sentences and proper nouns!)? Do you have commas? Inverted commas for any speech? 


5. Read the edited copy aloud again - just to be sure!


6. Pat yourself on the back for creating an excellent piece of writing!




Remember to send your work in to me if you can!