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Transition Activities


Fill in the Be Awesome transition booklet below, or print it off and fill it in!

And the award goes to...!

At the end of a fabulous school career, many schools hand out a few awards to children, for particular achievements.

However, now it is your turn to design and make an award! 


If you were going to award a fellow Glade Hill Pupil or a Glade Hill teacher (or Headteacher!) who would you award a trophy to and why?


Design the trophy, say who it is to and what they have done to achieve it! 

KS3 Art Challenges!

Looking forward to art lessons in Key Stage 3? Here is a booklet introducing you to some art concepts that you will get taught about! Enjoy learning about the colour wheel in more depth, the basic elements of art, and how to copy an image using a grid to help you!

Download the booklet above!


Here are the transition activities planned for this week:


My Year 6 Memories:

Fill in the sheet thinking about all of your 'favourites' from your time at Glade Hill!

Secondary school transition booklet:

Work through the transition activities, thinking about how you can best prepare yourself for September. 

Time Capsule:

Fill in this time capsule booklet for you to keep, to look back on when you are older. It is all about your time during lock down, capturing special moments you may have had, things that have been different, how you have been feeling and how you have connected with your local community.


Mindfulness colouring!

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by changes in our lives that we can't control, and we can help ourselves deal with our emotions by practicing some mindfulness techniques. I can imagine that right now you may be experiencing some difficult emotions as you think about moving from primary to secondary school, especially when you are not in school at the moment. One way to give your mind a break is mindfulness colouring! It's detailed colouring in sheets where you can be as creative as you like, and 'lose yourself' in the simple act of colouring. 

I have attached some mindfulness colouring in sheets for the letters G and H (Glade Hill!). If you would like to download any other letters or designs, click on the link below - there is something for everyone! 

I hoppe you enjoy them laugh