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Yr 1 - Brilliant Beeches

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The Brilliant Beeches


Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of our Brilliant learning and see photographs of what we have been getting up to each week.

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Miss King and Mrs Fowler

Home Learning 25.01.21 - 29.01.21

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Home Learning





Wider Curriculum


Write a description of the photo.

Phase 5

wh (whisk)


Phase 3

ow (cow)


Phase 2 

u (put)

This week’s focus:



1 more and 1 less


SCIENCE -Label the parts of the eye.



Start writing a  plan for your own monster story.

Phase 5

ph (alphabet)


Phase 3

oi (boil)


Phase 2

r (rat)

Use a number line to complete the number sentences.


D.T. – start collecting recycling to make your moving monster!



Begin writing your own monster story.

Phase 5

ew (grew)


Phase 3

ear (beard)


Phase 2 

h (hat)

Subtract by subtracting ones (units).


P.E. – Learn how to play a Finnish game of skittles!



Finish writing your own monster story!  

Phase 5

oe (toe)


Phase 3

air (chair)


Phase 2 

b (bat)

Write some subtractions stories.


PSHE – How do we all fit into the puzzle of life?


RE – Stories about Jesus.


Reading comprehension



How many different ways can you represent an equation?

MUSIC – Listen to ‘Mars’ by Gustav Holst.

Picture News

Look at the picture and discuss the questions with your family.


Watch the video and discuss how you can stay safe online.



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