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Maths Resources


Today you are practising the division and multiplication methods we have learned so far! Complete the practice questions on purple mash using an appropriate method. Then, have a go at the CPA grid after.


Today we are learning how to divide with remainders as this is going to support us with Wednesday’s and Friday’s learning. Please watch the Dividing with Remainders video below and follow along with the tasks and questions.

Dividing with Remainders


Today you are learning how to use the Bus Stop method for division. This helps when dividing larger numbers. Please watch the video below for a step-by-step of this method and to try the questions at the end.

Dividing 2 digit numbers using Bus Stop


It is world book day! All the activities for today are reading based so head over to the reading star to see your activities!



Today you are going to practice using the Bus Stop method for dividing with regrouping. Re-watch Wednesday’s video to support you and then complete the questions below either on paper or on Purple Mash under ‘Bus Stop Dividing with Regrouping’.