Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

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Home Learning W/C 8.6.20



This week, I'd like you to have a go at writing a persuasive letter.


We've had a go at this before, so it shouldn't be too unfamiliar!


I'd like you to persuade somebody (it could be a politician, a friend, even a teacher!) that something must be done about plastic pollution in the ocean!


You can use a work book for your writing if you like, but I have also put a letter template on your to do list on Purple Mash, so that you can complete the work electronically and send it straight to me if you wish!


You can use the resources below for inspiration, and of course, do you own research!

Blue Planet II Plastic Pollution Awareness 2018

Sir David Attenborough's haunting message on plastic pollution in the oceans.


This week, the work on My Maths is about translation, reflection, and properties of shape.


Remember, if you are not sure how to complete the work, search for the video lesson on My Maths, and give it a watch first!


Please remember to get in touch if there are any issues.


For the first time this week, I'd like us to have a go at using Purple Mash for our reading activities. 


When you log in, you will see that there are two texts in your 'to do' list: 'A Bridge on Fire', and 'Activity Weekend Leaflet'.


There is also an online quiz on 'A Bridge on Fire'. 


Once you've read the texts, please complete the attached questions!


This week for Science, I'd like us to start thinking about the different creatures that live in the ocean, and what their habitats are.


Read through these two PowerPoints, which give details on the layers of the ocean.


Then complete the activity about the layers of the ocean - this has three difficulty levels so choose wisely!



In Geography this week, I'd like you to use the internet (or books!) to research a key question:


How are oceans formed?

Scientists aren't 100% sure how this happened - so it would be great to find out as many ideas as we can! If you get stuck, have a look at my cheat sheet!




This week, the PE activity is cricket!



I noticed that we struggled a little with the coding activity last week, so I have added some slightly simplified challenges this week. Remember, if you're stuck, watch the tutorial video! There are two to complete on Purple Mash.

Design and Technology - Beat the Flood!


Watch the video on this page about how technology has been used to protect villages against flooding:


Once you have watched it, read through the presentation with your adult, and move onto the activity booklet! There is loads to get stuck into - including building a model!


This project is for the whole of the half term - please do not think it needs to be completed this week! You can use as much or as little of it as you like. Have fun!





The second Part of Miss E-T's French/Geography challenge is here!