Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE


Our first writing genre this half term is newspaper articles!


We will be using our new class novel, The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd as our inspiration, and this week we will be introducing the text, making predictions, and reading the first few chapters.



Today we are going to make predictions about The London Eye Mystery based on what we can see and read on the front cover.


Remember, although predictions don't have to be completely accurate, you do need some evidence to support your idea!


For example:


'I predict that this book will have two main characters, as there are two figures on the front cover, a boy and a girl.'


Look at the cover carefully, and then complete the predictions worksheet. There is an electronic version of this that you can complete and hand in on Purple Mash.



Today we will read the blurb from the back cover of The London Eye Mystery. We will then make new predictions based on what we have learned.


To start, read the blurb. There is a colour picture of this on your sheet, and also a typed version in case you can't see this clearly.


Next, complete the vocabulary sheet. There are 4 words/phrases from the blurb that are tricky, so I'd like you to use a dictionary (paper or online) to find out what each of them mean, and then record the definitions on the sheet.


Then, write at least three more predictions about the story based on what you have read.


I have given you some pointers on the kind of predictions you might make on the worksheet.


There is an electronic version of both of these worksheets that you can complete and hand in on Purple Mash.



Today we will read the first chapter of the text - it is very short!


Once you have read it, there are some questions I'd like you to answer. The questions are not just retrieval - I'd like you to use your inference and summarizing skills to start to unpick what happens at the start of the story.


There is an electronic version of the worksheet to complete and hand in on Purple Mash.



We are going to read chapter two of the story today. We start to find out more about our two main characters, Ted and Kat.


Once you have read the chapter, I'd like you to tell me what impression your get of the main characters. What are they like as people? How do you know?


I'd like you to use evidence from the text to support your ideas.


For example:


I think that Kat is a rebellious character who doesn't always do what she is told. I know this because in the text it says that she has been skipping school recently.


I'd like you to write at least three things for each character.


There is an electronic version of the worksheet to complete and hand in on Purple Mash.



Today we will be doing some research!


I'd like you to create an information poster all about the London Eye.


This can be hand made, or created on a computer. I'd like you to include as many interesting facts, statistics, and other interesting information that you can find, as well as images!


These are some great websites to start your research:

There is a template on Purple Mash that you can use to complete and hand in this work. If you decide to make your poster by hand, please take a photograph of it and ask your grown up to send it to