Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Home Learning W/C 18.5.20



Read these text extracts, and answer the retrieval, inference and choice questions. There is one to complete for each day.



There will be five new My Maths activities to complete this week,  focusing on multiplication, squared and cubed numbers, and factors.


Let me know if you can't access My Maths for any reason!


This week there are two SPAG activities:

  • Common spelling errors (we're, where, were)
  • Noun or Verb?




This week, our clip is called 'Catch a lot'!


This short film tells of two whalers. A father and son team who have differing opinions about their jobs.

The film doesn't have any dialogue and uses body language to show feelings.


Ideas for writing:


  • Write a setting description focusing on the weather in the film
  • Write some dialogue for the two characters
  • Write a newspaper report including quotes from the two characters
  • Re-write the story from the perspective of the dad or the son
  • Re-write the story, but change the ending

History / R.E.


I'd like you to research Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses, and make your own set of Top Trumps cards based on your favourites!


Attached below is a template for the cards, a presentation on Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses, and a factfile in case you get stuck! I'd love to see your designs!



This week the activity is orienteering! Please see the attached document for more details.



This week, Miss ET has asked if you could complete this wordsearch and matching activity about things found in a town!

Purple Mash


There will be a new exercise to complete each day on Purple Mash, remember to comment and submit when you have finished!

Creative Project


A really ambitious creative project this week!


I'd love it if you had a go at creating your own computer game using Shaun the Sheep Gaming Academy and Scratch.


The step by sstep guide on the Game Academy page will walk you through each step of designing, building and testing your own platform game! Have fun!


(P.S. I will also be doing this challenge, and will share my game at the end of the week!)