Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) - Mrs Stapleton
Deputy Headteacher & DSL - Mrs Want
Inclusion Leader & SENCO - Miss Wardle

Curriculum Lead - Mrs Lineker

Early Years Foundation Stage Leaders

Co-lead including English & Safeguarding - Miss Jardine

Co-Lead including Maths & EYFS SEN - Miss Ross


EYFS Amazing Acorns Practitioners

Mrs Rowe, Mrs Beet (EYFS Lead Practitioner), Miss Dean, Miss Bradshaw

Miss Becket, Miss Batchford, Ms Doel

Brilliant Beeches (Year 1) 

Teacher - Miss Heffernan
Teaching Assistant - Mrs Fowler


Brilliant Bonsais (Year 1) 

Teacher & Early Reading & Phonics Lead Practitioner - Miss Newman

Teaching Assistant - Miss Heron

Wonderful Willows (Year 2)

Teacher - Miss Marshall

Teaching Assistant - Miss Ramage


Wonderful Wisterias (Year 2) 

Teacher, KS1 Lead and Early Maths Lead Practitioner - Mrs Gohil 
Teaching Assistant - Miss Hunt


Buttercups SEND Enhanced Provision 

Miss Wardle, Mrs Gadsby, Mrs Fletcher & Mrs Easom


Bluebells SEND Enhanced Provision

Miss Wardle, Mrs Staley, Miss Davis, Miss Robinson & Mrs Shkreta.


Fantastic Ferns (Year 3) 

Teacher - Miss Dymond


Fantastic Firs (Year 3) 

Teacher - Miss Farrow

Outstanding Oaks ( Year 4)

Teacher, LKS2 Lead & English Lead Practitioner - Miss Siriboe


Outstanding Olives (Year 4)

Teacher - Mrs Turner


Teaching Assistants Year 3/4 Team

Miss Bacon, Miss Clarke & Mr Strachan

Marvellous Maples (Year 5)

Teachers - Miss Atkin


Marvellous Magnolias (Year 5)

Teacher - Miss Macmillan


Super Cedars (Year 6)

Teacher, UKS2 Lead & Maths Lead Practitioner - Miss Marshall


Super Sycamores (Year 6)

Miss Roome


Teaching Assistants Year 5/6 Team
Mrs Ozkaya (Lead Teaching Assistant), Mrs McKenna, Miss Henson, Mr Purcell

PPA Cover Teachers

Mrs Elgin-Toll

Mrs Rowe (PSHE and RSHE Lead, Mental Health and Well-being Lead)

Miss Wardle

Mrs Lineker


Pastoral Team

Mr Purcell (Yr5/6), Mr Strachan (Yr 3/4), Mrs Gadsby (Yr 1/2)

PE & School Sport Specialist - Mr Strachan

Office Team

School Business Manager - Mrs Coward

Office Manager and Attendance Improvement Officer - Mrs Davies
Administrative Assistants - Mrs Brown and Ms Bowmar


Site Team
Site Managers - Mr Faulkner & Mr Coward
Cleaners - Mrs Jeziorska, Mrs Savage, Mrs Theaker


Midday Team
Senior Midday Supervisor - Miss Ramage
Midday Supervisors - Miss Bradshaw, Mrs Clark, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Rogers, Ms Koxha, Miss Hill and Mrs Simmonds
Lunch Club Coordinator - Mrs Bradshaw

Lunch Club Assistant - Ms Easom

Staff portraits