Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) - Mrs Stapleton
Deputy Headteacher & DSL - Mrs Want
Inclusion Leader, SENCO & DSL - Miss Wardle

Curriculum Lead - Mrs Lineker

Early Years Foundation Stage Leaders

Co-lead including English & DSL- Miss Jardine

Co-Lead including Maths & EYFS SEN - Miss Ross


EYFS Amazing Acorns Practitioners

Mrs Rowe, Mrs Beet (EYFS Lead Practitioner), Miss Dean, Miss Bradshaw (currently on maternity leave), Miss Becket, Miss Batchford, Ms Doel, Miss Harrison, Ms Koxha

Brilliant Beeches (Year 1) 

Teacher - Miss Heffernan
Teaching Assistant - Mrs Fowler


Brilliant Bonsais (Year 1) 

Teacher & Early Reading & Phonics Lead Practitioner - Miss Newman (currently on leave)

Teacher - Miss Dredge

Teaching Assistant - Miss Heron

Wonderful Willows (Year 2)

Teacher - Miss Marshall

Teaching Assistant - Miss Ramage


Wonderful Wisterias (Year 2) 

Teacher, KS1 Lead and Early Maths Lead Practitioner - Mrs Gohil 
Teaching Assistant - Miss Hunt


Buttercups SEND Enhanced Provision 

Miss Wardle, Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Easom, Miss Wyer, Ms Jaupi


Bluebells SEND Enhanced Provision

Miss Wardle, Mrs Staley, Miss Davis, Mrs Lowe, Miss Robinson & Mrs Shkreta


Fantastic Ferns (Year 3) 

Teacher - Miss Dymond


Fantastic Firs (Year 3) 

Teacher - Miss Farrow

Outstanding Oaks ( Year 4)

Teacher - Miss Wright


Outstanding Olives (Year 4)

Teacher - Mrs Turner


Teaching Assistants Year 3/4 Team

Mrs York, Miss Clarke, Miss Simmonds & Mr Strachan

Marvellous Maples (Year 5)

Teachers - Miss Atkin


Marvellous Magnolias (Year 5)

Teacher - Miss Macmillan


Super Cedars (Year 6)

Teacher, UKS2 Lead & Maths Lead Practitioner - Miss Marshall


Super Sycamores (Year 6)

Miss Roome


Teaching Assistants Year 5/6 Team
Mrs Ozkaya (Lead Teaching Assistant), Mrs McKenna, Miss Henson

PPA Cover Teachers

Mrs Elgin-Toll

Mrs Rowe (PSHE and RSHE Lead, Mental Health and Well-being Lead)

Miss Dredge (currently in Year 1 Bonsais)

Mrs Lineker


Pastoral Team

Mrs Gadsby (Lead Pastoral Practitioner & E.L.S.A)

Mr Strachan (Outdoor Enrichment Lead and PE Specialist)

Office Team

School Business Manager - Mrs Coward

Office Manager and Attendance Improvement Officer - Mrs Davies
Administrative Assistants - Mrs Brown and Ms Bowmar


Site Team
Site Managers - Mr Faulkner & Mr Coward
Cleaners - Mrs Jeziorska, Mrs Savage, Mrs Theaker, Ms Tantum


Midday Team
Midday Supervisors - Mrs Jeziorska, Ms Jaupi, Mrs Candel, Miss Hill, Ms Koxha, Miss Lee, Mrs Simmonds & Mrs Rogers
Lunch Club Coordinator - Mrs Bradshaw

Lunch Club Assistant - Ms Easom

Staff portraits