Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE



Today you are going to learn about figurative language and write some of your own examples. Watch the video below to find out more then complete the task on Purple Mash.


Today you are going to write the flashback part of your story- when the man is in the war. You need to use the figurative language you created yesterday and the ideas from your senses map to describe what that memory was like for the man. Remember to include the things that happened in The Piano clip- you might want to watch it again! Watch the video below to explain further.


Today you are going to finish your story by writing the ending. You need to make it clear that the flashback has ended.

You could use one of the following to start the ending…

- Back at his piano

- Reality returning him to the present day

Watch the video clip again or use your storyboard to remind you what happened after the war scene.



Today’s lesson is about editing and improving your writing. Please watch the video below to find out more!


Today I would like you to put all of your parts of the story together (opening, flashback, ending) - including the editing from yesterday. You can copy and paste all of these from your other days work. Make it clear which is the flashback (it might not be obvious if you have more than one paragraph in your opening and ending sections). You can make it clear by using one of the following ways:

  • Using italics
  • Using a different colour
  • Leaving a bigger space at the top and bottom of it.
  • Using a different size font.

You can get creative and add pictures or a border if you like- but the most important part is the writing and please complete this first. I can’t wait to see your finished pieces of work!