Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Support For Transition

Starting in NURSERY

All pupils are invited to visit the setting before they start in Nursery. During this time, we meet with parents and outline daily routines and expectations.  We also liaise with any prior settings to share information.


From Nursery to Reception

The unit and staffing structure ensures that there is a smooth transition for pupils who already attend school.  In the Summer term, we organise opportunities for pupils who do not attend our Nursery setting to visit us. 

We hold a transition meeting for new parents in the Summer term, where we outline daily routines and expectations. 

The children start school on a full-time timetable. Routines such as adult taught sessions and assemblies are built up gradually, with support from staff.


From Reception to Year One

In the Summer term, we begin a programme of transition to support the children with their move to Year One.  This involves visits to the Year One classroom, discussion with current Year One teachers, walks to look at where they will enter school and opportunities to ask any questions about the next year.  The school holds Transition sessions, giving the children a taste of their new class. Additional transition activities are provided for children who require additional support.


The Year One classrooms are organised to reflect aspects of EYFS provision.  The first half term of Year One is based on the principles of the EYFS, allowing the children to feel secure in their new environment.