Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE



Thursday 15.7.21


Today I would like you to practise using apostrophes for possession and contraction.


First, read through the lesson presentation which recaps the rules on using possessive apostrophes.


Next, complete the worksheet by reading the 'Cole's Kingdom' extract, and listing the words which contain apostrophes and the reason for their use.


You can choose to either:


  • Print and complete the worksheet
  • Complete the editable version on your computer
  • Draw out and complete your own table.


Remember, if you identify a contraction, you must also include the longer form in the same row of the table, just like the example.

Friday 16.7.21


To consolidate our learning on letter writing, you are going to write an open letter about something that you think is important. This could be something linked to our topic, such as recycling, planting trees, or campaigning about climate change, or it could be a could be something completely different, it's up to you!


First, watch the video from the guys at Lit Film Fest explaining what you need to do.

Once you've decided on what important issue you will write about, and who you will address your letter to, it's time to get writing!


You may write on paper, on your computer, or using the template I've attached below. The template also includes a really handy organiser to help collect your ideas.


Good luck!



For reading, please log in to Purple Mash and read chapters 1 & 2 of Arne the Viking Boy. Then, answer the multiple choice quiz questions about what you have read. You will find these activities in your 'to do' list.