Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Home Learning W/C 6.7.20



For maths this week, our focus is on decimals. There will be five homework tasks to complete on My Maths:


1. Fraction and Decimal Equivalents


2. Decimal Number Lines


3. Decimal Place Value


4. Ordering Decimals


5. Add and Subtract Decimals



Your reading challenges this week are set on Purple Mash, and can be found in your 'to do' list. I would like you to read chapter 1 and chapter 2 of 'Nightmare Machine' and answer the multiple choice questions once you have finished reading.


If you would like to continue reading the story, you can do so by searching for 'Nightmare Machine' on the Purple Mash home page.



Your writing challenges for the week can be found on the 'to do' list on Purple Mash, and are based on the reading your have done on 'Nightmare Machine'


Task 1 is called 'Radio News Report' and links to chapter 1 of the story. I would like you to write a radio news report about the mysterious boy who crash landed in the middle of the town.


Task 2 is called 'Daniel's Thoughts' and links to chapter 2 of the story. For this task I'd like you to record some of the thoughts and questions that might have been running through Daniel's mind after arriving at Lady Rhonda's fortress.



The activity this week is racket sports!



Your coding activity this week on Purple Mash is to debug (fix) some broken programs! Look in your 'to do list to find the activities:


  • Debug Challenges Chimp (Beginner)
  • Debug Challenges Gibbon (Intermediate)
  • Debug Challenges Gorilla (Expert)

Science & Geography


This week I would like you to watch the amazing BBC Blue Planet live lesson from 2019.


You can find this here:


There are 3 activities to complete that go along with this lesson:


1. Food Web Recap

2. Recycling and Sustainability

3. Save our Sharks!


There is also a guide for your adults, and a presentation to go along with activity 3. These are all attached below!




There's a new activity from Miss E-T for French this week!