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English- Diary entry on Purple Mash

Maths- Decimals activity on MyMaths

Wider Curriculum- Art - fossil sketching



Imagine you are the boy from the titanium video. Write a diary entry including your thoughts and feelings the day after the incident.



Practise the shading techniques we have learned in class to draw a fossil.







Wider Curriculum

Newspaper report on Purple Mash




Rounding decimals on MyMaths




Science- Fossils reading comprehension






On the Purple Mash format write a newspaper report about the incident that happened at the school. You might want to re-watch the video to help you. Remember to include the 5Ws and quotes from witnesses. 


Wider Curriculum- Science




Wider Curriculum

Setting description with a focus on figurative language- Purple Mash



Finding fractions of amounts- My Maths





Volcano information leaflet- Purple Mash





Maths- MyMaths- Fractions of Amounts

English- Setting description of Titanium

On the Purple Mash format write a setting description of the scene in the picture below. Try to use some figurative language- similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification.

You can find the full music video on YouTube but you only need to watch the first 32 seconds. Remember to check with a grown up that you are allowed to go on YouTube first.


Wider Curriculum- Volcano information leaflet on Purple Mash.

Use the websites below to find interesting facts about volcanoes