Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE



This week we will be starting to look at a new genre- Flashback Narratives. Today I would like you to watch the video clip 'The Piano' (link below) and complete the Purple Mash storyboard about what happens. You can snip pictures from the video clip to add as the pictures. I have done some for you already!

You can complete your storyboard on paper instead and ask a grown up to email me a picture if you like.



Today we will be learning to write using different openers. This will be a recap lesson as it is something we have learned before but we still need to practise. I would like you to click the link below and watch the video. Here I will explain about today's learning and the task on Purple Mash I would like you to complete.




Today we will be writing the opening to our Flashback Story. Please watch the video below and then complete your work on Purple Mash. 


Today you are going to be finding the definitions of subject-specific vocabulary. This means words to do with our topic- WWII. You can either use a dictionary if you have one at home or google as a dictionary. You just write the word and then write 'define'. Also, you might already know some of them already or you could also someone at home to help you.

This vocabulary will help you with tomorrow's lesson. Please record your definitions on the Purple Mash format.



Today you are going to be creating a descriptive senses map on Purple Mash. You will be using some of the new vocabulary from yesterday's lesson to think of what you might see, hear, smell, taste, touch if you were a soldier in the trenches in WWII.  Watch the video below where I will explain what you need to do.


Click the following link to watch The Christmas Truce video clip.

Focus on the first 25 seconds (before the singing starts).