Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

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Pupil Council

Your new Pupil Council reps would like to say hello and welcome you to your new school year.

We have already been working hard and meeting to discuss your ideas and suggestions and will be sharing these regularly with you in class council meetings.



We look forward to letting you know about all the work we are doing in 2021/2022 and updating our website page as often as we can!

Your Pupil Council Representatives

Pupil Council Action Plan

Gardening at the Coop 

Mrs McKenna and Miss Hunt took the Pupil Council to the Coop precinct to weed and tidy up Glade Hill's planter which is situated between the shops. The children had great fun digging and weeding.

Book Scrutiny

Pupil Council did a book scrutiny to look at the consistency of Maths and English books across the school. We looked at green pen responding, presentation, underlining, number formation and use of line guides.

Primary Parliament Spring 2020 -

Safe, Positive and Safe communities.

Year 5 and 6 Pupil Council.

Pupil Council Trip!

This year Pupil Council have been finding out what Glade Hill pupils think about our school library. We have decided to reignite the library's status in school and revamp it over the year. Pupil Council have been asking the opinion of their classes but this week they have been to visit another school's library to gain ideas on how we could improve or change ours. 


Here are our Pupil Council exploring the Harry Potter themed school library at Dovecote Primary School. There was much to enjoy and many gasps as they walked in! Take a look for yourselves...

Below are some photos from the Autumn Primary Parliament - Earning and Learning -Involving year 4 and 6 pupil council members.

Thursday 14th November 2019