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Your new Pupil Council reps would like to say hello and welcome you to your new school year.

We have already been working hard and meeting to discuss your ideas and suggestions and will be sharing these regularly with you in class council meetings.



We look forward to letting you know about all the work we are doing in 2018-19 and updating our website page as often as we can!

Picture 1 Lexie, Year 6
Picture 2 Delinda, Year 6
Picture 3 Caner, Year 5
Picture 4 Emy-Leigh, Year 5
Picture 5 Anisa, Year 4
Picture 6 Matarr, Year 4
Picture 7 Pharen, Year 3
Picture 8 Imogen, Year 3
Picture 9 Archie, Year 2
Picture 10 Layla, Year 2
Picture 11 Frankie, Year 1
Picture 12 Reuben, Year 1

Primary Parliament 2018.


On Wednesday 28th November, Mrs McKenna and the Yrs 5 and 6 Pupil Council Members attended Primary Parliament at The Nottingham Council House.


This terms theme was Earning and Learning. We discussed: which jobs would not be needed in the future, how to solve air pollution and how driverless cars can change our future.


Session 1: There was a non-verbal communication activity. In pairs, the children had to build a model of the future and a futuristic building site, out of Lego. Then they discussed jobs for the future.


Session 2: We walked into the Market Square to monitor air pollution.


Session 3: The children designed a poster and presentation on how we are going to introduce Eco-kits to our school.


At the end of the day, in mixed school groups, the children presented their posters and talked through their presentations, in front of the Sheriff of Nottingham. All the children had a fun and productive day.

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