Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Wider Curriculum

Science- How much do we rely on electricity?

In this lesson, we will learn about mains and battery electricity. We will identify and sort appliances based on whether they are electrical or non-electrical and also whether they are powered by mains or battery electricity. We will explore the idea of a world without electricity.


History- Life for children in WW2

Read through the PowerPoint below about life for children during WW2. Choose one of the following topics- Rationing, Soldiers, Bombing or Evacuation and create an information sheet about it. You can choose more than one if you like- or all four! You can present you work on paper and include pictures or drawings or you can do your work on  Purple Mash where you can also include pictures.

Computing: Safer Internet Day Wednesday 9th February

Creating a FAKE NEWS webpage

The theme for Safer Internet Day this year is 'An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world.' 

There is an information text and comprehension questions below for you to find out more about internet safety. You can choose if you want to do 1, 2 or 3 stars.

How do we know that what we are seeing or reading online is true? And how easy is it to create fake news?

Take a look at the webpage Miss Sidebottom has created below...

Do you think it's FAKE or REAL?

Then have a go at creating your own fake news webpage on Purple Mash.




Internet Safety Day Information Text and Comprehension

PHSE-  We are a jigsaw

In today’s lesson, you will be able to recognise the different groups that make up and contribute to a community.


Geography- What is the geography of England?

In this lesson, we will recap our knowledge of the seven continents, and locate the UK on a world map. We will then zoom into England and look at the different human and physical geographical features. We will then combine our knowledge of all of the UK countries and design a travel brochure!


Picture News- Virtual assembly-
French- learn to give your opinion about colours and different items of clothing. Watch the video below and complete the task.

clothes and opinions.mp4

Still image for this video