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The Groovy Greeks!

The Groovy Greeks!


Our class topic for Summer term 1 is Ancient Greece! We will be learning all about Greek civilization and culture, and looking at how it influenced the world we live in today!

Create a poster!


Your first task over the Easter break is to create an information poster about Ancient Greece! This is open ended, and can include any information that you find interesting. This can be created electronically, or on paper. If you want to send any of your creations in to me on the class email address, I will display them on this page!


Some useful resources for research:

Explore Greek Myths!


The Greeks are well known for their storytelling, and Greek Myths are known throughout the world. I'd like to you read (or listen) to as many as you can! There are many different versions of these myths, but some can be found using the following links:


This link from the BBC is particularly good - radio dramas with full casts!


Once you have read (or listened) to some myths, here are some activities you could try:


  • Retell one of the myths as your own story!
  • Write a newspaper report about a hero from a myth!
  • Create your own mythical monster!
  • Invent your own hero and myth!

Bake your own Greek pitta bread!


Bake some bread the Greek way! Using the attached recipe card (PDF download), have a go at making some traditional Greek pitta bread. I'd love to see some pictures if anybody has a go!


Alongside the resources on our main class page (white rose, Times tables rock stars), 'The Maths Factor' has also made access to online lessons and resources free for children to use at home.


Visit this link to acccess:


Maths Salamanders also offers a wide range of printable worksheets, and is particularly good for mixed arithmetic. Everything is free to access:



I have had a few requests for updated spelling lists for home learning. Please find below the whole list of key words for children to practise!