Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE


Glade Hill Primary & Nursery School works with many partners to ensure that we provide the best education, resources and information for all of our pupils and their parents or carers.


We are classed as a Local Authority maintained school so have close links with Nottingham City Council who provide advice and support in areas such as behaviour management, special educational needs and human resources.  They also have statutory responsibilities for safeguarding and we follow all of their advice and policies.


We work with the local family of schools under the Aspire Learning Partnership which includes 6 other primary schools and 2 local secondary schools.  Regular meetings are held across a wide range of curriculum and support areas where moderation of work takes place.  All of the primary schools have adopted a set of Common Attendance Principles and Attendance Improvement Officers are employed across the partnership to assist in raising levels of attendance and punctuality.  The school has also appointed a PE & School Sports Specialist alongside some other school in the partnership to raise the standard of physical education taught and provide additional extra-curricular opportunities.


In 2017 we joined the Nottingham Schools Trust which is a group of schools who work in a collaborative partnership focusing on improving education for the children of Nottingham.  The trust's priority is to provide sustainable school to school support to all schools within the trust and take full advantage of the breadth and expertise that already exists within the member schools.  Some members of our Senior Leadership Team are working specifically as part of an Assessment Working Group and an Inclusion Network.


The school is part of the Nottingham Music Hub which provides whole class instrumental tuition in brass to our pupils in Years 4 and 5.