Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Summer 1

Summer 1 - Living and Surviving

Living and Surviving


Our theme this half-term is ‘Living and surviving.’ Through different subjects we will consider the impact of our actions and the importance of our surroundings, environment and what it takes to survive.


As readers and writers this half-term, we will be using the book, ‘The Kapok Tree’ and ‘Dear Earth’ to inspire our own persuasive letters and narrative. After delving into both stories, and exploring it through oral retellings, we are going to spend some time constructing super sentences, identifying effective vocabulary and developing our knowledge of persuasive writing. In reading we will be retrieving, inferring information and learning about new vocabulary. We will also be identifying how characters and animals may feel by looking for their actions.


As mathematicians we will continue to understand and manipulate multiplicative relationships continued. We will be exploring fractions, what makes a whole and what is a mixed fraction. You can help your children improve by Tackling tables and encouraging them to play online at home! If you need your child’s details, please come and speak to me as this is a great mathematical resource.


As scientists we will be learning about energy, particularly sound. We will learn about how sound travels and how we hear. Using this knowledge, the pupils will answer our ‘big question’ – ‘How does the audience hear the music at Nottingham’s Splendour festival?’. Within this unit the children will also carry out comparative tests and observations over time.


As geographers, we will learn about South America, focusing on Brazil and its key features, particularly the Amazon.


As designerswe will be creating and assessing structures. The pupils will be also using their mathematical skills to ensure that their structure is solid and sound.


As philosophers, we will learn about the importance of physical health and mental wellbeing.


As athletes the children will be developing skills to enable them to participate in striking and fielding games. Please remember your PE Kit: plain dark bottoms and a plain white top. The children will work on Coordination with a ball – sending and receiving and working together as a team.