Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE


Monday- To plan a persuasive letter

Last week you learned about the features of a persuasive letter. This week you are going to plan and write your own! You need to choose a topic to write your letter about- I have included some ideas below or you can decide on your own topic. I would then like you to complete the planning document on Purple Mash.


Persuasive letter ideas

  • Persuading a supermarket to use less plastic
  • Persuading Ms Sheppard to let you bring phones into school
  • Persuading your grown-up to let you have a pet
  • Persuading your local MP to create a new skate park in Bestwood


Tuesday-To write a persuasive letter.

Today you are going to use yesterday's plan to write your letter.

Have a look back at last week's PowerPoints where we learned about the organisational and language features of a persuasive letter. 

Please write your letter on the Purple Mash format.

Below is a checklist of features that you can use to check you have included everything. 


Persuasive Letter Checklist

Your address


Recipient’s address




Greeting (Dear _________)


Ending (Yours ________)


Introducing openers


Openers to make your point


Openers to give details


Openers for endings/conclusions/to sum up


Modal verbs


Modal adverbs


Rhetorical questions




Wednesday-To edit and improve our persuasive letters.

Today I would like you to start by making sure you have completed the checklist for your writing from yesterday. Then I would like you to go through your writing and edit it where needed. Remember, there are two parts to editing- correcting mistakes and making improvements. You might like to look back at the edit and improve lesson video from Thursday 11th February.

Use your writing on Purple Mash from yesterday and please put your edits in green pen so that I can see the changes you have made. 


Thursday-Best copy of persuasive letter.

Today I would like you to write up the best copy of your letter on the Purple Mash format (without different colours for the editing this time!) Don't forget to include all of the organisational and language features we have learned about. I can't wait to read your letters!


and... see the World Book Day page for activities to complete!


Friday-To investigate suffixes: -tion, -cian, -sion, -ssion

In this lesson, we will investigate the suffixes -tion, -ssion, -sion and -cian and explore some exceptions.