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Yr 4 - Outstanding Olives

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Easter Crafts Competition 2021

Spring 2!



Our topic this half-term is the Rowdy Romans and we will be exploring the impact that they had on the British Empire and how they influenced British culture, technology and our landscape. We will learn about how they successfully invaded; about examples of British resistance such as through Boudicca, and we will reflect upon how the Romans have impacted our lives today. We will take on the role of historians to deduce and infer Roman ruins and artefacts.



In English this half-term we will be writing to entertain and inform. Using the Romans as our stimulus, we will follow the structure of the story, ‘Escape from Pompeii,’ by Christina Balit and will use it to produce our own tension-filled short historical narratives. Moving on from this, we will be writing to inform, by creating our own non-chronological reports all about Boudicca.

In reading we will be working towards developing our inference skills, as we delve into a range of Roman themed poetry, fiction and non-fiction.



In maths, we will be drawing upon our multiplication learning to help us find the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes. Moving on from this, the children will learn about time by converting between different units.

Throughout the half-term, we will continue to revisit and practise multiplying and dividing 2 and 3-digit numbers as this is a vital skill.  We will also regularly spend time recalling their x table knowledge up to 12x 12. I want to continue to encourage the children to use TT Rockstars.




In science, we will be learning about electricity. We will learn about everyday appliances and the important role they play in our lives; how to draw and conduct a simple series circuit. Throughout the unit, we will work scientifically by predicting and carrying out investigations into how to make the bulb brighter and dimmer, and what happens when there is a break in a circuit. We will also learn about conductors and insulators.


Art/ DT

In art, we will be creating our own 3D sculptures to represent Roman soldiers in action. In DT we will be evaluating, designing and making our own Roman money purses.



In RE this term, pupils will use and develop skills of expressing understanding and handling varied perspectives on pilgrimage. In PSHE we will be exploring the value of money, budgeting, saving and spending.


Home Education for those self-isolating


If your child is self-isolating, please find below the work that they should complete, in line with what we will be learning in class, if they are well enough to do so. Click on the post it note, which will take you to the week's outline. For more information do not hesitate to contact me.


Miss Roome