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Yr 4 - Outstanding Olives

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Year 4 trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

Summer 2!

This half-term our topic is 'Living and Surviving'. The children will develop an understanding of the different climate zones around the world, and use this knowledge to consider how we would live and survive in particular areas of the world. 


In geography, we will be learning about the different climate zones of the world. The children will explore the different climate zones and use this knowledge to consider what we would need to survive. They will work towards a ‘survival guide’ of the different climate zones.



In English this half-term we will be writing to entertain. We will use a range of stimuli linked to our topic. ‘The Train to Impossible Places; Narnia and Alice in Wonderland. The children will be writing their own fantasy story. In reading, we will be focusing on these texts, whilst also drawing upon poetry, and non-fiction texts related to our living and surviving theme to help us retrieve, infer, predict, sequence and comment on the author’s language choices.



This half-term in maths the children will be learning about angles. They will be taught to recognise the different angles and use key vocabulary when describing them. Children will use this knowledge to compare angles and apply this to quadrilaterals and triangles.  We will also continue to revisit, practice and consolidate our understanding of area, perimeter and time.


This half term, the children will be sitting a Multiplication check test, which includes rapid recall of the 2-12 x table facts. To help them prepare for this, and our new weekly quiz, please check our times table section on our webpages for ways to support.




In science, we will be learning about states of matter. The children will explore the three mains states of matter and understand the properties and particle arrangements of each. They will develop on this knowledge by exploring changes of a state through melting and freezing. As well as this, we will explore the water cycle and find out more about evaporation and precipitation.  


Art/ DT

In DT, the children will create a rainforest shelter, incorporating their skills of joining to create a secure structure. They will spend time exploring existing

shelters, and will use this to develop design criteria.



In PSHE we will be learning about keeping safe around household medicines and drugs.

Home Education for those self-isolating


If your child is self-isolating, please find below the work that they should complete, in line with what we will be learning in class, if they are well enough to do so. Click on the post it note, which will take you to the week's outline. For more information do not hesitate to contact me.


Miss Roome