Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Home Learning W/C 29.6.20


This week the My Maths lessons will focus on fractions. There will be five activities to complete, one for each day.


Remember that you can complete the lesson first before attempting the homework if you need a refresher.



This week for reading, I would like you to read the first two chapters of the story Where Sea Eagles Fly. You will find this in the 'to do' list on Purple Mash.


Once you have read each chapter, there will be a short multiple choice comprehension quiz to complete - this will also be found in the 'to do' list!


This week, our writing challenges are based around the reading tasks on Purple Mash.


After reading chapter 1 of Where Sea Eagles Fly, have a go at the writing task called 'My favourite place'. You need to describe a favourite place of yours, just like Donald in the story.


After reading chapter 2 of the story, have a go at the writing task called  'Write a play script'. All you need to do is choose a part of the story you have read so far, and write a play script. There are lots of prompts on Purple Mash to help you with the different things you will need in a play script.


There are some great examples on this website if you want to see what one looks like:


Both writing exercises are on your Purple Mash 'To Do' list.


Remember to hand in when you've finished!



For geography this week, I'd like you to try and answer the question...


How do humans explore the deep ocean?


You can present your findings however you like - an information poster, a fact file, even a video... it's up to you!


The internet is full of information on this subject, but this link might be a good place to start!



This is the last week of Miss E-T's French project! She has been really impressed by all of the work that has been sent in so far.


Miss E-T has also created a link for a 'Who wants to be a millionaire' style French numbers quiz - give it a try!


The resources for this week are below.



This week the activity is... Boccia!



Your computing challenge this week is to complete the Internet Safety and Internet Safety Game activities on Purple Mash! You will find them in your to do list.


Stay safe online!