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English Resources

This week in English we are immersing ourselves into a brand new book.

The book is called 'The Boy with the Bronze Axe.' 



Today we are going to read chapter 1 of The Boy with the Bronze Axe.

Listen to me read the story.

Afterwards, on purple mash, ask any questions you have about the story. 

Think about the characters, setting or plot. 

Tomorrow, I will answer your questions!

Monday - The Boy with the Bronze Axe



Watch the video which answers your questions about the story. (Note - this will arrive on the website on Tuesday morning!)


After, watch the video below. We are going to focus on word meaning today and we are going to fill in our own word bank with tricky words from the story. Find the word bank on Purple Mash.


After filling in the word bank, your challenge is to write sentences that include the words you have learned today!

Tuesday Questions Answered

Tuesday Word Meaning



Today we are going to use our predicting skills to predict what might happen next in the story.

We are going to look at the quote from the story

"In the great water one will be lost, yet two will be found. Out of this, good will come."


We are going to think about what good will come from the three children meeting. Watch the video to listen and learn and then complete the task on Purple Mash. 

Wednesday Predict What Might Happen



Today we are going to look in more detail at the characters in this story. In particular, we are going to think about Kali, Brockan and Tenko. We are going to think about the similarities and differences between these characters as they have come from different families, tribes and islands. 

After you've watched the video explaining today's learning, complete the task on Purple Mash. 

Thursday - Similarities and Differences Between Characters



Today is split into two sections. They should each take about 30 minutes.


Firstly, we are going to think about inferring characters' thoughts and feelings based on a character in our new book. We are going to think about Tenko. Watch the video below which explains today's learning and then head over to Purple Mash to complete the task.

Friday - Infer Characters' Thoughts and Feelings


Watch the video all about exploring prefixes and then complete the prefix ‘mis’ sheet!