Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Wider Curriculum

Monday: Picture News

This week we will be thinking about the question...


Why do people choose to climb mountains?


Read through the resources so that you understand the theme this week, and watch the virtual assembly via the link below.


Then, choose which activity from the home learning sheet that you would like to do! You can choose more than one if you wish.

Tuesday: Music

This week in music you will be learning about the classic song 'Somewhere over the rainbow.' You may have heard the song before in the film 'The Wizard of Oz.'


Here is a clip from the film:


I'd like you to watch both video lessons, and complete the quizzes, and then have a go at singing the song the way you have been taught!


I would LOVE to see some videos of people doing this - if you're confident and would like to share please send them in!

Wednesday: RE

This week in RE we are learning about the four stages of life in Hinduism: the Ashramas. Read through the PowerPoint/PDF which describes each life stage, and watch the video posted below - you may wish to watch this a few times and make notes. 

Then, complete the table (or draw your own on paper) describing what each stage means, what happens, and some examples.

Thursday: Science

Building on our learning on the Solar System last week, this week we will be learning how the planets in our Solar System differ from each other.


Follow this link to access the Oak Academy lesson:

Once you are on the Oak National website, click start lesson, and complete the introduction quiz. Then, watch the lesson and complete the worksheet. Once you've done this, you can then complete the final online quiz.

Friday: Geography

This week, we will be looking at Ordnance Survey Map Symbols. These are useful pictures found on maps that help to make them clearer! This video explains why they are used...

Your task is to look at the sheet below. Can you match each map symbol up with its meaning?


Once you have finished, have a go at designing some symbols of your own to represent things you might find on a map. For example...


  • Train station
  • Forests
  • Petrol station 
  • Football Stadium
  • Post Office