Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Weekly Update

Week 1

Hello brilliant bonsais! I hope you're all OK. It's been so lovely this week seeing all of your photographs, whether you're learning hard at home or if you've been in school with Miss King and Mr Strachan. I've been at home like you all week this week, and then next week I'm back in school again. It's been lots of fun spending time planning exciting activities for you to try at home and also spending some time with my two dogs. When I first introduced myself as your new teacher back in September I only had 1 dog, but since then we have adopted another one all the way from Thailand! If you're not sure where that is, get your grown up to show you :) it's really far away - he had to go on an aeroplane! He had never seen real snow before so this week has been really exciting for him. Have you all played in the snow this week? I can't wait to see more pictures of you all next week!