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Free online course for all our families 

Nottingham City Council are offering a free online course to all families. The course is titled "Values, Money and Me" and is the UK’s first free online teaching resource specifically designed to give young children a head start in life by helping develop their attitudes and values towards money, as well as their financial knowledge and abilities. Nottingham City Council have worked alongside Experian to develop a series of family learning session specifically designed to allow the whole family to learn together. For more information on the course please see the attached flyer.

The Role of Parents in a child's learning
Research shows that parental involvement in children's learning is a key factor in improving children's academic attainment and achievements, as well as their overall behaviour and attendance.
Parents are the biggest influence on their child's development during the earliest years. Good quality home learning contributes more to children's intellectual and social development than parental occupation, education or income.

Ways to support your child

Support and attend school events
Take a interest in their work
Keep in contact with their class teacher
Hear them read regularly
Encourage them to complete their homework
Reinforce the  high expectations for work, good behaviour and enjoyment.

How to help your child with their learning