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How to Make Balloon Juggling Balls (Stress Balls)

Balloon Juggling Balls - these are surprisingly easy and fun to make (easy if you know our little trick! Watch and find out). You can also fill the balls wit...

Have some fun with nature this week and create some brilliant pictures.

Use your fruit and vegetable scraps to create some paintings and prints.  Which vegeatables make the best patterns.  You could also ask a grown up to cut a shape into a potato for you to print with.

Create a simple bug hotel using a container from your recycling and things you can collect from your garden or local area.

Do you like creating and making music? Why not join Myleene Klass for her online music classes. Every day from 10am!




The MET Office have a very interesting page all about rainbows and how they form.

After you have researched about them you could create your own rainbow and put it in your window.  Or you could paint, make or collage one.  Don't forget there's also some rainbow resources on purplemash.

In the story if Noah's Ark the Rainbow was a symbol of promise from God that things would get better.  Watch the story here:

Do you like to draw? 

Well here is a drawing session with Rob Biddulph who you can draw along with to learn how to create a character.  He is posting new ones throughout the week.