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Summer 1: Old MacDonald had a farm

Old Macdonald had a farm


This half term, we will be learning all about what happens on a farm and all about farm animals. We will be focussing on three books, Farmyard Hullabaloo, Farmer Duck and Farmyard Jamboree.  We will be covering many practical and creative activities around the books in order to excite and engage your children. We will also be having a farm shop roleplay area where we will be incorporating our PSED, Maths and Communication and Language skills through play. In PSED, we will be learning how to play cooperatively with our peers and how to resolve any conflicts we may have amicably.  In Science, we will be having some butterfly eggs and tadpoles, so we can observe them and learn all about their lifecycles. We will also be looking after two guinea pigs and learning all about how to care them. In Maths, we will be linking numerals and amounts to 5, re-visiting pattern, shape, measure, subitising and comparing amounts using, same, fewer and more. In Phonics, we will continue with rhyming, recognising initial sounds and learning to segment and blend phonics in our head.  


We are sure your children will have a really exciting half term and please remember to keep checking the website every week where you can see lots of photographs and updates about your child’s learning.

Farmyard Hullabaloo

Michael Rosen - Farmer Duck (CBeebies)

Makaton Topic - FARM ANIMALS - Singing Hands

For our #Makaton Topic series - here are some useful #FarmAnimals signs. Once you've learned these signs - why not check out all our songs featuring these signs we have on our DVDs (and here on our Channel too) - Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Down on Grandpa's Farm, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Little Donkey, Chick Chick Chicken, Dominick the Donkey and why not add these signs to your games and stories!

Possible visits to support learning

What a fabulous half term we have had!

Donkey Visit

This week we had a very special visit from two lovely donkeys. We were very lucky and had the opportunity to groom them, feed them and stroke them. Their names were Hector and Tallulah. We learnt lots about donkeys including, where they live, what they eat and what they like doing.

Because of our donkey visit, we enjoyed lots of donkey activities, including pin the tail on the donkey, making donkey ears and drawing pictures of Hector and Tallulah.

We have loved the weather this week and have spent lots of time outdoors enjoying the sunshine, learning in the water, building dens, having picnics and playing ball games on the field.

Inside we were given a big box which we really enjoyed climbing in and turning it into different things using our imagination. 

What a fabulous last week of this half term!

All about the Ocean

We have been learning a lot this week all about the ocean and the sea creatures that live there. We have been talking about how to keep the ocean clean in order to save the marine life. We have used recyclable materials to make our own sea creatures including, fish, turtles, whales and so many more.

We also had a visit from some tadpoles so we have done lots of talking about the lifecycle of frogs.

We have also spent a lot of time outside this week, building lots of models, including secret dens, ponds for the tadpoles and rock towers. We have loved being outside in the warmer weather, and looking at all the different bugs that live outside.

In maths we have been looking at the number 5 and how to partition it, and in phonics we have been looking at the sound t.

What a busy week we have had.


w/c 15.05.23

Guinea Pigs

This week we have had a special visit from the guinea pigs. We have been learning all about how to look after them, feed them, clean them and how to hold them. We got to choose names for them and decided on Marshmallow and Freddie. We had all had a chance to have a hold and feed them. We have been drawing lots of pictures of the guinea pigs and even made our own hutch. 

Mrs Beckett also bought in her tortoise Tiny for us to meet. We have had lots of fun learning lots of different facts all about Tiny, including that she can live till she is 50 years old.

In phonics this week we looked at the sound A. We are so impressed with everyone's fantastic writing. 

What a busy week.

King Charles Coronation


This week we celebrated King Charles Coronation. We have been learning all about what a coronation is and why we are having one. We decorated and wore our very own crowns, we had a royal banquet, drew portraits and made our own flags. To end the week we had our very own coronation and party crowning our king.

What a fabulous celebration!


Please see the video to watch Nursery's Coronation.

w/c 01.05.23

Nursery Coronation ceremony

The children and staff in Nursery re-enacted the crowning ceremony King Charles.

Farmyard Hullabaloo

This week we have had lots of fun and have been very busy.

To start the week off we looked at how sheep are sheered. We then made our own sheep for everyone to have ago at sheering, which also helped improve our scissor skills. We then watched a video on how cows are milked and again made our own version for everyone to have a practice. We used rubber gloves and real milk to milk Daisy the cow. We continued to practice our signs for different animals and have started to learn some new animals signs including the sign for Turkey, Rooster, Donkey and lots more.

In our maths this week we have been looking at different amounts when weighing objects, looking at which is heavier and lighter. In phonics we started to look at different sounds and finding objects that start with the same sound.


w/c 24.04.23

Super signers

Still image for this video
What fabulous signers we have in the Elephants and Giraffes. Please see the videos to watch our children show you the signs for different animals.

Super Signers

Still image for this video

Farmyard Hullabaloo


This week we started our new topic 'Old Macdonald had a farm' and read the story Farmyard Hullabaloo. We have really enjoyed this story, learning all about the different animals, as well as learning the signs for each animal.

We spoke lots about what we did over the holidays and drew pictures of our adventures.

In our maths we focused on ordering numbers and in science we used our investigative skills and looked at minibeasts.

We are very excited for the visit from the Guinea pigs and have started to think about different names. Our favourites so far are Marshmallow, Frank and Pineapple.

What a fabulous first week.


W/C 17.04.23