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Yr 1 - Brilliant Beeches

Home Learning for Brilliant Beeches!

Hello my Brilliant Beeches and Parents,



Wow! Can you believe we are in the final week of the year.  I am so very proud of you all for learning hard in school and learning hard at home.  I loved our Zoom call and you made me laugh so much with all your talking.  You were clearly excited to see each other!  I have told Mrs Gohill what a wonderful class you are and she is so excited for September. I hope the sun shines for you all Summer long so you can get outside and have lots of fun.


Keep smiling,

Mrs Rowe x


Week Beginning: 20th July 2020

Learning this week is a little bit different as we would like you to think about moving into Year 2 and what that means for you.



Week Beginning: 13th July 2020




This week's English is a little bit different.


We would like you to create a Timecapsule about your time at school and home-school this year.


You can also start your Summer Reading Challenge.


Click on the English Beech leaf and you will find the link to either print the documents or use the page ideas to create your own.

This week's maths home learning is a little bit different. We want you to practice word problems! 


Each day there will be a different word problem for you to read and answer (don't forget to email it to me to have a look at!)


This week's focus is:  subtraction word problems.

Our New Topic is ‘The Circus’ 

Here are some activities:

If I ran the circus by Dr Seuss. - Draw what people would see in your circus.


Don't forgot to log on to Purple Mash this week - Circus Performer


Watch Maddie Moate and Greg go live with science on Youtube every day at 11am!


Join in with a Joe Wicks workout Mon, Wed and Sat at 9am!

 Everything is organised into subjects.  Please click on the beech leaves and they will take you to great ideas for learning for each subject.

Mrs Rowe's How to...

How to make a bubble snake

Measuring with Miss Newman (and Drax!)

(Click on the link above to follow this blog to make an easy peasy CD suncatcher)

Watch Your Friends Read!

Teachers have been busy reading books for you whilst you have been at home, so we thought it was your turn! Have a look at some of your friend's brilliant reading below, and email your teacher your reading if you are feeling brave enough.




Ben reads "Supertato: Books Are Rubbish!" From World Book Day 2020

Bedtime Stories

During our little break from learning at school Miss Newman and I will be regularly uploading YouTube videos to our class page. These will be of our favourite stories for you to enjoy! Remember to join in if you know the words.  Miss Ross and Miss Batchford have kindly read us some stories as well.

Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell

Year 1 presents Room on the Broom

There is no dragon in this story

"You're called WHAT?!"

Topsy and Tim Learn to Swim

Somebody Swallowed Stanley

A Squash and a Squeeze

Can I be your dog? Read by Miss Newman

There's a Monster in your book! Read by Mrs Rowe

The Pout Pout Fish Read by Mr Strachan



We have been celebrating World Book Day by coming to school in our pyjamas and reading the story

'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers

We had lots of fun making origami bookmarks with our grownups. Mrs Rowe thinks the grownups had more fun than us trying to work out how to fold them!  It was amazing to see such supportive parents getting involved and enjoying reading with us. 

Our biggest challenge of the day was to think about the events of the story and create a huge canvas showing all the different ways we would try to catch a star. 

We decided it would take a lot of perserverance.




Our topic this half term is



We welcomed White Post Farm to Brilliant Beeches class who bought a selection of different 'Pet' animals.  We were very excited to keep Sheldon the Tortoise for the week and learn how to look after him.


English and Reading

We have been reading lots of Postcards and Letters and trying to write from the point of view of Sheldon the Tortoise, using the personal pronoun I.  To help us get into role, we made tortoise hats and wrote all the different adjectives we could think of to describe him.  Our postcards detail everything Sheldon enjoyed while he was with us.


We have continued to enjoy our daily phonics sessions and are trying really hard to apply what we are learning to our reading and our writing.  


RED TED We are still challenging ourselves to read 3x a week so we have chance to read the sounds we have learned.  This will really help our reading and writing to progress and be ready for the year ahead.  Thank you grown-ups for supporting this, it really is important!


SPARKLY PENCILS - Everyday we work hard on our fine-motor, handwriting and letter formation.  When we can show we are forming all our letters correctly we can earn a sparkly pencil to write with.  Well done to Darcy who has earned the first one.






This term we have been learning about Place Value and using numbers to 40 in our reading and writing work.  We are learning that each digit has a value and which is the tens and which is the ones.  We have begun to learn about Multiplication and making equal groups.  We will be using our knowledge to problem solve. 



Maths Fluency

We are continuing to defeat our Maths Superheroes and show we know our fluency skills!  Using our 'baking tray maths' we are trying to master the skills of adding 1, adding 2, adding 0, doubling and adding 10.




Science and British Science Week.

As Scientists we will be learning how to compare different types of animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.


As part of British Science Week we have been learning about Greta Thunberg through the story 'Greta and the Giants.'  We had an in depth discussion about climate change and how to help make positive changes to the world in which we live.  Having already researched about plastics in the sea earlier in the year, we were interested to see how climate change is affecting animals on the land.  We made Jungle Terrariums to represent the natural habitat. 


Wow!  How amazing are animals? 

We have been learning all about camouflage and how it helps some animals to hide from predators and other animals to sneak up on their prey without being seen. 


Did you know the viceroy butterfly, which is not poisonous, mimics the monarch butterfly which is?


Can you spot the butterflies hiding in our SPARKLE?



Please remember to always..


It is important to follow our Golden Rules any time, any place, any where.  We like to be PROUD of our children so look out for Marvellous Me's coming when your children have been BRILLIANT.


P.E is on a Monday.

 Please ensure your child has a correct P.E. kit in school so that we can do PE outside in the lovely summer weather (white t-shirt, black shorts and sport shoes).

If your child wears earrings is it important they can remove them themselves or you do it in the morning please.  We cannot put plasters over earrings.



Monster Mischief CCTV footage!

Still image for this video
We finally caught him! Now we know who has been causing mischief in our classroom and leaving tiny pants, smelly socks, toilet paper and slime all over. What a cheeky monster he has been but what amazing writing he has inspired.