Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Staff Shout Outs!

Mrs Beet

Hi everyone, I miss you so much but I hope you are all safe and most importantly happy. I have been spending a lot of time with my dogs in the garden, the two either side are my 10 year old boys Alfie and Dexter. They are very quiet and very sleepy nowadays and the one in the middle is my 2 year old French Bulldog Edith. Edith is absolutely crazy, she likes to steal the washing out of my washing machine so I have to chase her around the garden. I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and eat lots of eggs, but not too many. Can’t wait to see you all when we get back and have lots of silly fun. Mrs Beet

Mrs Gadsby

I hope you are all enjoying your home learning with your parents and everyone is keeping a big smile? We all miss you lots but we look forward to seeing all your hard work on tapestry. At my house, William and Lewis have been working hard trying to keep busy with their school work and exercising with Joe Wickes. We have done lots of cooking and baking too. We are all doing an amazing job by staying home and looking after each other and before you know it we will be back at school....... sending you all a big bear hug and shall see you soon.

Mrs Gadsby xx 

Miss Ross

Hello everyone,

Firstly, I wanted to say how much I miss you all but I am super happy you are staying safe at home. It is so important that we stay at home to keep everyone safe and well.

          I have been doing lots of baking and cooking my favourite meals which has been great fun and especially yummy. I have also been listening to my vinyl records which are like big cds. My favourite albums at the moment are ‘Rumours’ by Fleetwood Mac and ‘I had the blues but shook them loose’ by Bombay Bicycle Club. I have also been at school a couple of times a week to make sure the children whose adults are helping poorly people, are safe and having fun.

          I want to thank you and your adults for doing lots of fabulous work on Purple Mash, in your home learning packs and much more. Keep SPARKLING and being GOLDEN at home Amazing Acorns!

Missing you all,

Miss Ross

Miss Doel

Hi Amazing Acorns, hope you are all having lots of fun and learning lots of new and exciting things. I look forward to hearing all your amazing stories of all the activities you have been doing when we are back at school. I’ve got lots of pictures of long dog walks and fun crafts that I’ve done at home and can’t wait to share when we are all back. Hope you are all keeping safe and look forward to seeing you back at school very soon. We miss you! Miss Doel

Miss Beckett

Hello everybody! 
I hope you’re all ok and are having lots of fun at home with your families. I miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you back at school when it’s safe to do so. I’ve been enjoying spending lots of extra time with my little girl who is becoming more cheeky day by day! Today she stole my sunglasses and ran down to the bottom of the garden with them, here is a picture of us together once I caught her!
Take care, stay safe and keep smiling 😃.
Miss Beckett 

Miss Mills

Hello Everyone,

I miss you! I hope you and your families are safe and well. It has been lovely to see all of the wonderful work that you have been emailing in, putting on Tapestry and completing on Purple Mash. Thank you! I know it is very tricky to work at home sometimes, so well done children, and well done to the grown ups too, as I know it can be very difficult to help support learning at home during this tricky time whilst you might also be trying to work from home yourself. You are all super stars! In between working from home, looking after my baby and helping my eldest son with his home learning, I'm trying to stay busy with hobbies. We've baked banana bread, cheese biscuits and Mars Bar cookies. All were yummy! We have also enjoyed our daily exercise, which has included a Joe Wicks workout. Even Baby Ted joins in! I hope you are having lots of fun too.

Take care,

Miss Mills

Mrs Fletcher

Hi all Amazing Acorns how are you doing. See you have been busy working hard with all your work can't wait to see you all again take care.

 Mrs Fletcher

Miss Jardine

Hi Amazing Acorns

Firstly, I want to say how  much I miss seeing your lovely faces every day and how much I miss chatting to your grown ups. Thank you so much for the super photos you have been sending of your learning at home - it really cheers me up to see what you are all getting up to. You have been so busy. 👍
I have been into school a few times now with the children whose parents need to go to work and we have enjoyed doing fun craft activities and feeding the birds in the woods.
At home I have been busy in my garden and am keeping my eye on the tadpoles in the pond. It is lovely to spend time with my boys Harry, Josh and Thomas. They have been practising their cooking. Thomas likes making pancakes for breakfast and yesterday Josh made a delicious curry for dinner.
I hope you have a lovely Easter. Keep being GOLDEN , continue to SPARKLE at home, stay safe and I know we will all see each other again soon.
Miss Jardine ❤️
Mrs Hyde

Hi amazing acorns 😊 I hope you are all staying safe at home 🏠 It’s so lovely to see all your pictures of you working hard at home your all so SPARKLY 🤩 I have been busy teaching Jacob at home and celebrating his birthday 🎂 and taking my dog Arlo for lots of walks 🙂fingers crossed we will be back at school soon keep up your amazing work 

Big hugs from Mrs Hyde